Halloween Tale: Witch Switch by Mark C. Collins


Witch Switch: A Halloween Tale
by Mark C. Collins

Old Witch Mandee loves scaring the kids every Halloween. But this year Mandee’s not feeling well enough to go out. She recruits her sister, Witch Mindi, to take her place, and things don’t quite go as planned.
It’s a hilarious Halloween tale of scaring, caring, and sharing!

thoughts-dividerOld grumpy Witch Mandee scares kids every Halloween and always ends up eating their candy goodies after they drop them. This year though, Witch Mandee is kinda sick so she asks her sister Witch Mindi to take over the scary session.. A surprise twist in the end brings Witch Mandee and kids to tears. Oh my!

My sons easily get frightened at scary witch stories, but I still got them to read this book the morning after Halloween. My two younger boys aged 9 and 4 believe there are witches among us so when they learned about Witch Switch, their eyes grew big and asked their older brother if he noticed any flying broomstick above the clouds while they went on Trick or Treat. To say that their fears were comical was an understatement. They decided not to eat all their candies and they left them on our doorstep. Silly kids, I know, right?

I could tell though that they enjoyed this book because of the colorful illustrations and rhyming story. They loved Witch Mindi because she was kinda sweet. They surmised not all witches were bad after all!

Love love love this Halloween treat from Mark Collins! This guy is truly gifted and amazing!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, my kids decided to give their candies to their school mates because they’re afraid they were going to have toothache after eating them. Ha ha ha!




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