Review: Big Bad Cowboy by Tia Siren


Big Bad Cowboy
(A Billionaire and a Virgin)
by Tia Siren

coffeesynopsisdWhat do you do when you find yourself alone in a secluded cabin during a thunderstorm with the hottest man in the state of Texas?

Who knew that when I took the job at Big Sky Ranch & Spa that I would find the man of my wet dreams? Texas billionaire Conner Blackstone not only looks like a cowboy god, but he’s hung like a wild stallion and wants me to ride him like a bucking bronco.

But I have three little brothers back home to take care of so there’s no way I’m going to let myself get distracted by my boss. I’ve got too much to lose. My virginity. My heart. My family.

This billionaire cowboy will just have to learn how to take no for an answer.

I don’t know what’s up with this girl? There are women lined up for miles to get a glimpse of what I’m packing in my jeans. The problem is, I want her. Naked. Submissive. Begging me for more.

But she comes with a lot of baggage. Then again, so do I.

So if she thinks that she can make me feel guilty about my four-year-old orphaned half- brother, then she had better get the hell off my property. I’m not gonna let no woman mess with my life.

No matter how much I want her.


I think I have developed a fetish for billionaires and cowboys lately, and when I met Conner Blackstone, I thought he was such an Alpha male personified. But on the first few pages of getting to know him, I was majorly disappointed with his attitude – brooding, jerk, arrogant, playboy extraordinaire who thought so highly of himself. He treated women like tools, like piece of rubbish. Plus, he blamed his equally philanderer dead father for having to acknowledge and raise his long lost half brother. Gahd, I hated Blackstone in an instant. Miranda, however, was a virgin who had been struggling financially as she tried to raise her three brothers after their parents died. I didn’t like Miranda either at first, because she outright blamed her own father for the misfortune that befell on her.

There were a lot of things in common between the two, except for their social and financial status. And when these two met, worlds collide and Miranda finally put Conner in his rightful place.

I liked how it ended between them, Conner realizing his faults and Miranda finally accepting where she belonged. This was a short read, a little slow at first but eventually picked up the pace at the latter part of the story. Definitely hot and steamy too, although I would have preferred if this was longer, because there was so much promise with Mr. Blackstone’s side of story. I would love to know more about his little half-brother and Miranda’s rebellious brother Scotty. Nevertheless, this was a nice and dandy read!




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