Review: Demigoddess 101 by Kacie Ji


Demigoddess 101
by Kacie Ji


When Ava Goddard see toga-clad people that no one else can, she knows her life is about to change.

After first seeing these strange people, Ava quickly jumps to the conclusion that she is A) going crazy or B) she’s always been crazy but is only now realizing it. That is until she actually meets one of these hallucinations and learns that she’s a demigoddess. Not only that, but she’s the daughter of Jupiter himself.

Ava soon learns that being a demigoddess isn’t as fabulous as she first thought it would be. Her life is invaded by gods and goddesses who want to befriend her, including a frightening but ironically protective God of Death, a vengeful Queen of the Gods and a snarky dryad in Ava’s tree. And on top of it all, she has to deal with her mother, an overdramatic best friend and a soccer playing potential boyfriend as well.

Worse still, there’s a goddess who is lurking in the dark and has been biding her time for the past several millennia, waiting for her chance to take over—and she’s just found Jupiter’s one weakness.



What would you do if you discover that your father was actually Jupiter, the Roman god himself, and that you had powers unimaginable when you’ve come of age?

No seriously?

Me, I’d totally freak out. That’s why I understood how Ava was behaving when everything was revealed to her on her 18th birthday. Like seeing strange people in toga but other people don’t see them at all? And being befriended by the most beautiful Roman goddesses that ever walked on Earth? Who wouldn’t get shocked knowing you’re a half goddess, right?

First impression – I thought this was like Percy Jackson’s story, the female counterpart version. But instead of Greek mythology, it was the Romans that brought chaos to Ava’s life. Somehow, at the end of the day, I realized this was entirely different and a bit more interesting. Although I wasn’t really sold on Ava’s character because she was a little childish and impulsive. But the whole story was really engaging, plus the author’s writing was really beautiful. Exquisite, even. It got me all the teenage feels.

If you’re into Greek or Roman mythologies, this one’s right up your alley!




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