Review: Revenge River (Men of Mercy #9) by Lindsay Cross


Revenge River
(Men of Mercy #9)

by Lindsay Cross


His name is Merc.

He has no past.

No future.

Only a thirst for revenge against the traitor who betrayed his team and his country – Agent Jack Mankel.

When he’s handed a mission to rescue a sitting US senator’s daughter from the traitor’s clutches, Merc jumps at his chance for vengeance, never dreaming the girl he rescued could be his downfall…

She walks in the night.

She is a shadow.

An operative so elite even the president doesn’t know of her existence.

Her whole life, she’s lived to serve, raised in the black-ops team her father, Jack Mankel, created. Then her whole world is turned upside down when she learns the sister she once thought dead is really alive; and to save her, Nightshade will have to take on the hardest mission of her life…

Merc knows he doesn’t deserve her. Nightshade knows she can’t have him. But a connection so powerful neither of them can resist draws them closer, even as a betrayal so deep threatens to destroy their very existence.



The story starts with Nightshade receiving instructions from his father about her mission to rescue her twin sister Caroline Cotter. Nightshade was a highly trained soldier and she was supposed to pretend that she was her twin and would be saved by the enemy, Task Force Scorpion or TF-S. She was to do this so she could save her own troop, the Mayhem.

Merc hated Jack Mankel a lot. The man had done monstrous things to him and his men, and he vowed to extract revenge against him. And then he saw how Mr. J had beaten the hell out of Caroline Cotter, the senator’s daughter, with explosives strapped all over her body. His instincts had him saving the girl, thus his revenge against Mr. J was abandoned.

But things had gotten out of hand, because after saving her from the explosion, they were captured by a Sheikh and had done terrible things to the two, like Merc was hung on a ceiling and Caroline was exploited by the sheikh. It was only a matter of time before the TF-S came and rescued them and everything was alright again.

Or so they thought.

Once again, Lindsay Cross captivated me with her Men of Mercy soldiers, and I think this is by far my favorite in the series. There’s something puzzling about Merc that drawn me to him. Perhaps it was his mysterious past, or how he was described – like he was larger than life. Nightshade was a good fit to him and I liked it. Their chemistry was palpable and amazing, even if he wasn’t aware of her true identity.


This had been another action-packed story, one that had kept me up all night until the break of dawn. Although I had to admit, I kind of anticipated the truth about Nightshade and Caroline’s identities. It had been niggling in my mind, that Nightshade had been fed lies and lies ever since she was born. I pitied her so much, I wanted to kill the perpetrator myself.

Lindsay Cross knows how to please her readers, and that’s a big plus for me if an author wants to have a following. The anticipation, the drama, the suspense and action-packed scenes were something to look forward to. I highly recommend this heart-pounding read to those who love military romances and thrill-seekers!





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