Review: What Love Can Do by Virna DePaul


What Love Can Do
(Home to Green Valley Book 1)
by Virna DePaul


When a sweet and sassy baker meets the new Irishman in town, things start to sizzle…

Quinn O’Neill gave up being a professional rugby player to help his mam after his dad died, and now she’s gone too. All that’s left for him in Dublin? Four younger brothers, and elusive dreams to explore. Then he finds a journal revealing family secrets, and heads to Northern California wine country, where his mam grew up.

That’s when Quinn meets her …

Lilly Parker. She’s the baker at the B&B, an amazing gazelle of a woman. Blonde. Curvy. With high cheekbones that give her the look of an old-fashioned pin-up with a naughty side. She’s wearing a pink and black apron that reads Life is Short–Lick the Bowl, and all Quinn can imagine is them: her, wearing nothing but that apron, and him, licking and savoring.

The more time they spend together, the more Quinn believes Lilly’s the one. Only she’s headed to Miami in a week’s time to pursue her own dream, and he has a decision to make.

Does he go back to Dublin and his rugby career? Or does he make a home in the enchanted valley town, start his life fresh, and see if love’s enough to make Lilly his forever?


Irish lad Quinn O’Neill and his brothers were mourning their mam’s passing and were quite lost at what to do after they sold their English pub. They encountered their mam’s old journal documenting her life in America, specifically in Green Valley. From that point on, Quinn decided to go on a journey to her mam’s place of birth, find out why her own family disowned her, and start anew. After years as a professional rugby player wandering to different places around the world, he thought of living in a place that will make him stay for good.

Lilly Parker was the beautiful blonde whipping some muffins in the Bread and Breakfast that the O’Neill brothers went to. All her life, she’d been her mother’s helper and pastry cook and was close to getting fed up with her daily routine. She’d love to go out and explore the world, go places and be someone else, rather than living in her mom’s shadow. Until Quinn came into her life and made her question about her future.

Two brave confused souls with opposite needs. One wanted to stay, the other wanted to leave. When they met, the world stood on a standstill, waiting for the one who would succumb to its will.

I haven’t encountered a man as sentimental and passionate as Quinn and his bros. Heck, this little band of brothers from Dublin could most likely melt every girl’s desires, their roguish charisma oozing with sex appeal. But Quinn is quite a man, I’ve easily fallen to his “feckin’ charms and I-did-it-for-mam attitude.

And I was surprised by Lilly, I never thought she could be this brazen lady who’d follow a man she barely knew, after years of solitude with her mother. She’s astonishing and interesting and a really great cook! It wasn’t hard to fall for her.

The whole book gave me good vibes and some certainly fascinating Irish tales. It’s my first Virna DePaul book and it was quite an experience. What the craic! This had been a snogfest and I loved it! What Love can do, you ask? It can move mountains, that’s what!




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