Review: Unhappily Ever After (The Librarian #2) by Eric Hobbs

unhappilyUnhappily Ever After
(The Librarian #2)
by Eric Hobbs


Yesterday, Taylor and Wes turned a boring field trip to their local library into a grand adventure when they found a mysterious portal leading into the fabled Land of Oz.

But that was yesterday.

Today they’ve learned their actions have had grave consequences. Not only did they alter the Oz mythos, but their deeds may have had unexplained repercussions in the real world as well. Taylor’s returned home to find she’s living a life that isn’t her own. Nothing’s as she left it. Her normally warm father has become cold and distant. Her grades have fallen overnight. Teachers who once saw her as their favorite student, now consider her their most problematic pupil. Only Wesley remembers Taylor as she truly is, and together, he and Tay return to Oz hoping they can undo the damage and restore both worlds to the way they were.

But the children quickly find they’re in way over their heads. Not only has the Wicked Witch taken control of Oz, but Douglas Stanford has stayed behind to build a small army of storybook villains to help him obtain the magic hidden within Astoria’s library. The librarian’s returned to stop him, but the old man may need the children’s help as the fate of every known world hangs in the balance.


Wesley and Taylor are back and they’re in so much trouble. Not only did they trespass the library’s hidden secrets, they managed to change the course of history by changing the story of Wizard of Oz. The Tinman had been freed and could no longer help Dorothy, and Captain Hook met a new ally from the real world, a world Neverland had never heard of. Could this be the end of Peter Pan’s mischiefs? Will Taylor and Wesley ever change everything back to order? Will their parents ever trust them again?

This had been a terrific sequel to The Librarian first book (Little Boy Lost). Wesley has finally grown on me. Taylor the little troublemaker had impressed me with her grit and friendship. Randy the bully still pissed me off and his father Douglas got a lot of tricks up his sleeves. This has been a truly terrific and magical read, plus the cliffhanger in the end had me screaming like The Scarecrow! Oh gosh, this is perfect for Halloween!! Thumbs up from my boys and me!




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