Review: A Grand Bed Adventure by A.M. Marcus


A Grand Bed Adventure: Developing Habits of Self Discipline for Children
by A.M. Marcus (Goodreads Author), Oliver Bundoc (Illustrator)

A Grand Bed Adventure is a short, powerful story about a boy who learns that the simple art of making your bed each day can lead to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that can lead you on a path of success in all your endeavors.


Ted loves spending time with his grandpa and relishes everything he teaches him. One day, he sees Grandpa making his bed with care and precision. He asks the old man why he has to fix his bed when it will soon get crumpled when he sleeps at night. Grandpa tells him his story when he was still a Navy Seal and how fixing up your bed is the first achievement everyone should take notice of.

I love this newest story from A. M. Marcus. I’ve read this to my kids to show and teach them the value of making one’s bed early in the morning. The book quickly pointed out that doing this task is actually a sign that you are responsible with your duties and personal things, and that in your own little way, you can start feeling better knowing that your personal space is clean and taken care of.

Ted and his grandpa successfully shows how this is done. This book teaches kids self-discipline and initiative. I always tell my sons that an accomplishment, whether big or small, is a big representation of how people perceive them. And it is great thing to a child to learn how to be responsible at such an early age. My sons know that I love it whenever they do something with willingness and finish a task without complaint. I’m glad they find Ted a good role model in the book.

This is another masterpiece from A. M. Marcus and a highly recommended read!




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