Review: On Top Of The World by David Lamb

ototwOn Top Of The World
(Until The Bell Chimes)
by David Lamb

What’s a girl to do when the guy she fell for in college becomes music’s biggest superstar and biggest jerk? Give him a second chance or walk away and start over?


Belle is a beautiful take-no-prisoners lawyer whose flawless style causes traffic accidents as she stylishly zips through Manhattan. Scrooʝe, is a hyper-talented, self-centered, handsome, music star with 100 million albums sold and millions of social media followers. And the love of his life, other than money, is Belle the sorority girl all the guys fantasized about. They fell head over heels in college when she gave Scrooʝe, the Coke-bottle-glasses-wearing boy from the projects and biggest nerd on her campus the ultimate makeover. And by the time she cleaned him up, every one realized how fine Scrooʝe was, and why his seductive smile made her toes curl with excitement. With her love inspiring his confidence and turning him into a fashion impresario from Milan to New York—only to realize too late she’d created a chart topping monster with an unstoppable ego.

Together, along with Scrooʝe’s best friends, Marley and Cratchit, they rise to the top of the music world. Belle becomes the brains behind the scenes and Scrooʝe becomes the sexy superstar who becomes more and more outrageous. Then Marley dies in a tragic accident, Scrooʝe exploits his death to sell millions of records, begins cheating his artists and betrays Belle’s most intimate trust. In a heart wrenching decision she leaves him. Now, it’s been three years since they’ve spoken, but tonight at Hollywood’s biggest red carpet event, Scrooʝe will have to take the journey of a lifetime to heal from his tragic childhood and feelings of being unworthy of love, relive how he and Belle fell wonderfully in love, remember the people who helped him along the way and melt the ice that has turned his heart cold.

Second chances don’t often come around but tonight he’ll be given something we all wish we had, a chance to make things right. Will he listen to Marley’s life and love saving advice? With millions watching, will Scrooʝe finally set aside his ego, jeopardize his image and ask for Belle’s forgiveness? And most important of all—will Belle even give Scrooʝe a chance?


Scrooʝe was the next big thing in the music industry. You gotta give the guy credit for climbing up through the ranks to become a bigtime music mogul. Heck, he even considered himself the King of the World.

But it’s not all butterflies and rainbows and unicorns for Ebenezer Scrooʝe. He displayed himself for everyone else to see, to admire and adulate him from the pedestal. He’s got some irksome attitude, annoyingly greedy behavior, obnoxious and unfair treatment to his subjects. And worst, he cheated on the one girl who had been with him from the beginning.

Belle was the one thing that illuminated Scrooʝe’s life. But now she’s no longer within his reach. True, she was responsible for his rise from rags to riches, for his major makeover and flock of adorning fans. Too bad, things didn’t go well with these lovers.

Beneath the facade of ego that Scrooʝe showed, there lurked some secrets of the past and more surprisingly, a vulnerable heart. And it’s up to his dead friend Marley’s ghost to make Scrooʝe see what he has been missing, what currently destroys him, and what lies ahead in the near future.

I must admit though, at first, I was quite irritated with Scrooʝe. He was so full of himself, he disrespected people, he annoyed the hell out of me. My heart ached for Belle, I couldn’t quite grasp the struggles she’d been through with Scrooʝe’s rise to stardom. I really liked Belle’s character, she was definitely the one good thing in this book that had me reading until the end. And yes, there was also Marley’s manacled ghost that made Scrooʝe’s chaotic life more interesting.

It’s my first time in a long while to read a satirical novel about celebrity life. David Lamb was able to reimagine A Christmas Carol into this new book with complexity, grit and tenacity. The ghosts of the past played a big role in making Scrooʝe’s life fascinating and palpable. The writing was excellent and the pacing was fast. I never thought I’d appreciate this kind of satirical fiction with paranormal twist but I ended up liking it. Such a great honest read!




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