Review: Déjà Date by Susan Hatler


Title: Déjà Date
Series: Better Date than Never Book 9
Author: Susan Hatler
Kindle edition

Melinda Morgan commits to running her favorite neighborhood bakery when the owner, who’s like a second dad to her, falls ill. Then she finds out his adventurous son, Nate Carter, is back in town. Nate was Melinda’s first kiss and greatest heartbreak all rolled into one, yet he’s still as charming as ever.

When Melinda learns Nate’s dad is selling his bakery, she realizes her dream to own the bakery herself. But in order to access her inheritance funds, she must first complete her father’s Carpe Diem list, which challenges her to take risks she normally wouldn’t–like only dating someone who leaves her breathless.

Nate wants a second chance with her and she finds him nearly impossible to resist. Could he be the key to completing her dad’s list and saving the bakery? And can he help her do both without breaking her heart all over again?


If there’s one thing I learned about this book, it is to seize whatever opportunity that come your way so as not to regret it for the rest of your life. Melinda’s life had been a boring routine, never taking chances or anything unexpected. She’d been afraid to take risks ever since her father died. And that meant not trusting her heart to fall in love again with Nate.

Nate came back to her life when his father Benny fell ill and needed someone to manage his bakery. Melinda wanted to purchase the bakery, but lacked the money. When she asked for her inheritance from her dad, she was given a Carpe Diem list instead. Tasks that she needed to fulfill in order to get what she wanted.

But the question is, what was it that she really wanted?

Déjà Date had been really a romantic read. Although I had a hard time liking Melinda. I thought she was really boring and insensitive. She’s too weak and afraid of everything. It was a struggle reading her thoughts and all the negative energy that emanated from her. She didn’t want to complicate life. While Nate was the adventurous one – enjoying his escapades on the ocean to hiking the mountains in Peru – this guy never ceased to amaze me. I thought Nate and Melinda’s relationship wouldn’t work on me, but like what most people say, opposites attract.

At the end of the day, I found myself pining for them and wishing them a happy ever after. Sweet! Susan Hatler has made me a happy girl once again!




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