Review: The Long Way Home by Kathleen O’Brien


The Long Way Home (Montana Born Homecoming Book 4) 
by National Bestselling Author – Kathleen O’Brien

coffeesynopsisdAt eighteen, Abby Foster had been the cutest little rich gal in Marietta, Montana. She could make boys do whatever she wanted—especially sweet, wild, penniless Joe Carlyle, who adored her. But a lot’s changed in the eight years since Abby broke Joe’s heart by marrying the rich guy her domineering father chose for her. Her father has died, and the “perfect” husband has bolted, taking all the money. More importantly, Abby’s grown up. She’s vowed to stop listening to other people and follow her own heart instead.

Right now, her heart tells her to return to Marietta. The wildfire she felt in Joe’s arms has haunted her, and, though she doesn’t expect forgiveness, she hopes maybe he, too, would enjoy a brief, no-strings affair. If they can share just the seventy-two hours of Homecoming weekend…well, maybe then they’ll both find it easier to forgive, forget, and move on.

But when she sees him, she realizes how naive that idea was. The years have changed Joe, too…and the passionate, powerful man he’s become isn’t someone she’ll ever forget. This time the heart she breaks may be her own.



Joe Carlyle, one part of the so-called Carlyle crazies, had fallen head over heels in love with Abby Foster at the age of seventeen, although the woman of his dreams was betrothed to another and his dreams started crushing. He said hurtful words about her, his world had crumpled and didn’t want anything to do with her after she chose Blaine Watts. People thought Abby married Blaine who was almost twice her ago, because of his enormous wealth. But they didn’t know half the truth why she was getting married in the first place.

Eight years later, Abby came back, divorced yet still stunningly beautiful. She went to Joe and told him straight that she had been a free woman for the last two years and that she wanted him back. Joe assumed that she only wanted him to fill her bed at night, since she was only back in Marietta for three days.

And there’s the issue about Joe’s newfound wealth. He became rich, thanks to his hard work and dedication. Of course, there are rumors swirling again that maybe Abby came back because Joe was no longer the scrawny poor man that he was.

The Long Way Home by Kathleen O’Brien is another beautiful story that left me feeling good. I finished reading it in one sitting and I had good vibes while reading it. I liked how Abby stood her ground after all those years and Joe, being one of the Carlyle crazies, was understandably mad at first, mad at her for leaving him … and mad at her for still wanting her even after 8 years. They’re really matched for each other.




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  1. Another great review! The Long Way Home sounds like my kind of read!

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