Review: The One with the Engagement Party by Erin Lawless


The One With The Engagement Party
(Bridesmaids #1)
by Erin Lawless


Save the Date!

Nora Dervan is getting married… but her four bridesmaids are more full of secrets than champagne.

Bea has barely gotten past the fact that her two best friends are seeing each other, and now they’re engaged, and Cleo is rather distracted by the hot new colleague she absolutely, definitely must not sleep with. Daisy is dreading the singles’ table, whilst Sarah’s own marriage hasn’t turned out to be all she hoped it would be…

Four bridesmaids, four groomsmen, one bride, one wedding, one spectacular night to remember.

What’s to do in an engagement party?


Nora was going to be married soon so she invited her four besties on her engagement party. It was supposed to be fun and happy and everyone should be cheering for the newly-engaged, right?

So, what’s to do in an engagement party?


Oh well, it isn’t that quite merry and bright when the involved parties had their own affairs to fix.

I love reading wedding/engagement stories because I get to know the horrors and pleasures of being engaged and settling down. I am a married woman and enjoying life so far, so reading other bride stories always perk me up. I was just surprised to see/read four-five stories incorporated in one book/continuing series. My mind’s quite busy lately so I couldn’t keep up with the names of other characters/bridesmaids. But I can tell that they each have their own unique tales to tell, love issues to solve and relationships to mend.

For Nora’s engagement party, her four bridesmaids also took centerstage, following her demands through Pinterest boards and private group talks. I immediately got intrigued about Bea and Chloe’s animosity with each other. I felt there’s something more brewing between these two raging tigresses and I intend to get to the bottom of it. Sarah’s relationship with her husband wasn’t all sunshine and lemons, while Daisy’s Tinder habit is making me question about online dating and apps nowadays.

This has been a short story, the beginning of a series that hopefully I could get to read soon. Erin Lawless’ writing is good and effective, the pacing was light and quick and the stories hold promise.  The abrupt ending just really bummed me out. But hey, I wouldn’t want to be left out in the wedding. so yeah, I think I’ll give this series another try!





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