Review: Watch Me Rise by Tara R

watchmeWatch me Rise
by Tara R.

Kindle Edition, 286 pages
Published August 19th 2016


After the loss of her brother, Chloe Reed left Fairville for a fresh start. Now she is back to get answers to the questions surrounding her brother’s death. But coming back home isn’t easy, especially when it’s a home filled with painful memories, a home where her life was ripped apart. However, there is someone who has been stuck in her head for a long time who makes it all easy. Her knight in shining armor who saved her life two years ago. Nick Grayson. Except this time maybe he needs saving.

Nick Grayson is back in the town of Fairville where it all started. The town that left him with nothing but guilt and regret, the town where he destroyed a family. He met Chloe on the worst night of his life. He knows he doesn’t deserve her but he can’t stay away – and neither can she.


I’ve got all these damn heartbreaking feels while reading this book. It’s so beautiful, but at the same time, full of angst and drama and tear-jerking moments, that my heart wanted to burst from all these conflicting emotions. Nick’s and Chloe’s lives easily affected me and had me thinking about life’s uncertainties and unfairness at some point.

This book is the sequel to the heart-wrenching novella, Feel Me Break, which I had read and reviewed a couple of months ago. Chloe was at her weakest point where she contemplated killing herself, but luckily, Nick came like a knight in shining armour, swooping her off the bridge. But that same night when he saved one girl, another life had been taken. And changed his own life forever.

In a perfect world, we all want to expose our scars and blemishes. We want to believe that there is someone out there who will love us for what we are. But the real world doesn’t work that way.

Watch Me Rise continues with Chloe coming back to Fairville, three years after her own brother died, two years after she was saved by Nick, two years after her father abandoned her, two years since she entered her alcoholic mother in rehab. You can imagine the life Chloe had been through. It was terrible living alone, fending for herself, with no one else taking care of her. Going back to where it all happened opened all the wounds in her heart. What made matters worse was learning from the police that her brother didn’t die because of drug overdose, but because he was murdered.

Nick, on the other hand, still couldn’t forgive himself for accidentally killing a man a few years back. Plus, his father had bluntly blamed him for the man’s death, for something he didn’t have any control of. He could no longer bring himself to like someone else, especially Chloe because he believed he would just cause her  pain.

Sometimes the reasonable thing isn’t always the right thing to do.

But when these two broken souls met again, destiny itself brought them together, the universe conspired to reunite and rekindle their flame. I loved how Nick and Chloe supported each other. Their love was pure, unadulterated, unconditional. Whole, but cracked.  They tried their best to take on the hurdles that come their way. They had great friends who stood behind them when no one else wanted to. Their families were both respective messes, but in the end, there was closure. One thing for sure though, their fathers didn’t deserve to be called fathers because they lack the parenting skill. Especially Chloe’s. Sorry, but that’s the harsh truth about them.


I love that this story was told in both Nick and Chloe’s point of view, because we get to experience both sides of their suffering and pain. There were a lot of feels  that wielded some wounds while I was reading their thoughts. Topics of alcoholism, gangs, self-destruction, blame, abandonment and murder made this book a little heavier than I expected. I was crushed. I felt really sad for Chloe who had experienced so much hardship. I thought, she didn’t deserved any of it.  In the end, there was love, acceptance, forgiveness, moving on. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Tara R surely had captured my heart.

Some things are meant to happen, some paths are meant to cross,
some people are meant to sweep you off your feet and take you on the best journey of your life.

And I was already on that journey with Chloe, which was going to last a lifetime.





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