Review: Storm and Silence by Robert Thier


Storm and Silence
(Storm and Silence Saga #1)
by Robert Thier

coffeesynopsisdFreedom – that is what Lilly Linton wants most in life. Not marriage, not a brood of squalling brats, and certainly not love, thank you very much!

But freedom is a rare commodity in 19th-century London, where girls are expected to spend their lives sitting at home, fully occupied with looking pretty. Lilly is at her wits’ end – until a chance encounter with a dark, dangerous and powerful stranger changes her life forever…

Enter the world of Mr Rikkard Ambrose, where the only rule is: Knowledge is power is time is money!


I am pretty sure Lilly won’t be happy with me because I’m squealing in delight with girlish giggles. I want Rikkard Ambrose and I want more of him.. Make him come back, please!!! I need book 2, NOW!

Okay wait.. I had prematurely finished reading the book. I didn’t get to read Mr. Ambrose’s side of story because he said it was his story and he didn’t want to share and it was definitely none of my business.

But guess what, I was as stubborn as Lilly.. so yeah, I persisted reading his thoughts. Man, that arrogant goat! I’m gonna kill him! Who’s with me?


Okay, no takers? Ambrose may have been the richest man in the world, but his attitude stinks like a skunk. Isn’t he?


Oh well, don’t mind me.

Now that I’ve finally got ridden of this stupid grin off my face and washed my muddled brain, here are my thoughts.



Set in 19th century, nineteen-year old Lilly Linton believed in equal rights. She wanted women to be recognized and that their opinions shouldn’t be disregard just because they were thought to be the weaker sex. She wanted women to have equal opportunity and not just end up as housewives attending to their children and pleasing their husbands.

So a plan was conceived in her mind. A plan that involved her Uncle Buford’s ill-fitting clothes and passport. Cause it was election day and she was determined to cast her vote!

Men thought she was ridiculous, and that she’d only end up the laughingstock of the society, which pretty much everything that had happened when she pretended to be a man casting his votes. Imagine the horror she’d been through, when her wig fell off and was dragged to jain for futher investigation. Imagine her shock when her soon-to-be employer, Rikkard Ambrose saw the whole fiasco and discovered her true identity.

Who was Rikkard Ambrose? A man of immense wealth and drop-dead good looks, he had earlier offered her a job as a secretary. But that was when Lilly was wearing trousers and wig and had pretended to be a Mister. Would she still get that secretarial job once she got released in jail?

One thing was for sure, this was an exhilaratingly fun to read. I can’t count how many times I giggled and laughed out loud reading Mr/Miss Linton’s snarky remarks and Ambrose’s equally cranky attitude. This pair could easily detonate a bomb because of the sparks flying between them. If Ambrose was volatile, Lilly Linton was explosive! Oh, and the suspense literally killed me, too!

“Marriage is supposed to be a union between two equals who love and support each other,

not a master-slave relationship in which the man commands a docile woman.”

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I have to clear my reading schedule for next week so I could squeeze In The Eye of the Storm. I don’t want that cliffhanger ending to ruin me. Argh!




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