Review: Arc of the Universe Book 2 by Mark Whiteway

arc2coverThe Arc of the Universe: Book Two
(Arc of the Universe #2)
by Mark Whiteway

The Agantzane—masters of a vast interstellar alliance known as the Consensus. Who are they? Where do they come from?

Together with his re-animated son, Conor, Regan Quinn resumes his epic journey, outwitting enemies and forging alliances with enigmatic races before finally coming face to face with the elusive Agantzane. At stake—the future of Humanity!



Regan Quinn was back, but something else had changed in him. He was with his son Conor, who was actually reanimated after he died in the first book. Things got a lot more complicated after he saved his son from enemy camp, gained new but unlikely allies, became “Shade” and had caused trouble with the Agantzane also known as the Consensus, the manipulators of interplanetary fealty or alliance.

I loved the continuation of the Arc of the Universe. I thought this one’s more action-packed and heart-stopping. Afraid of the further consequences that his death touch could inflict, Regan, together with his new friends Zothan and Vyasa must find the Agantzane to straighten everything out. The suspense in every page was killing me.

The last part also had me breathless, I thought I wouldn’t be able to recover. An ending reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet?? Believe me, the suspense almost killed me.

“All the world’s a stage,” Ximun went on. “Isn’t that what your Shakespeare said in another of his plays? I’m sure you know the ending of Romeo and Juliet. It would seem that humans form close bonds—so close that one cannot live without the other. Your son is no more. I now leave you to enact the final scene. Farewell, Quinn. I do not think we will meet again.”

Mark Whiteway surely had a way surprising his readers, leaving them in awe of the beauty of the universe. The worldbuilding is outstanding and I found myself totally captivated by it.




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