Review: The Arc of the Universe (Book 1) by Mark Whiteway

Arc Book One - ebook small cover

The Arc of the Universe (The Arc of the Universe #1)
by Mark Whiteway

The sole survivor of a fleet of colony ships wakes up in a featureless room. His only clue to his surroundings is an ever-changing window.

Is he dead? Is he dreaming? Or is he the subject of some bizarre experiment…?


Regan Quinn mourned his wife’s death but soon decided to leave Eire colony on a journey through space, with his Conor, along with other humans. But their journey took on a mysterious spin as they feared for their lives, and await for disaster to strike. Soon Quinn found himself and his son alone in the vast nothingness. They shared a moment about Conor’s interest in tennis instead of soccer, but it wasn’t long before the two gasped for air. The next thing he knew, Regan woke up in a white room with a moving window that showcased different sceneries. His every move was calculated, whatever he thought he needed, appeared right in front of him, as if someone could see what he was thinking.

His son, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen.

Quinn realized he was in another place he have never imagined, a world beyond anyone’s reach, a world so advance you’d think Planet Earth is obsolete. Quinn was given another chance to live, but everything had a price, even in this alien world. He had to decide which ones deserved to live or die. It was all in his hands now, literally,

This is science-fiction fantasy at its finest. Honestly, I am not into the sci-fi genre, but surprisingly, I loved the Arc of the Universe. My mind worked a thousand ways, imagining the new world that Mark Whiteway has created and transported me to. The characters were convincing, made me think about inter-planetary wars and battleship sagas, the world building was clearly spectacular, and the pacing was fast and furious. Hollywood would be crazy not to turn this book into a movie. Why, it has the makings of Star Wars, Star Trek and Space Odyssey written all over it, but at the same time, it is uniquely it’s own.



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