Review: Sailing Through Fire and Ice by Leah Grant

stfaiSailing Through Fire & Ice
(Encircled by Gold Book 3)
by Leah Grant

coffeesynopsisdNow that Lucy is playing the role of a Goddess, it seems to have gone to her head. To make matters worse, Thorstein doesn’t believe it really is Lucy and Riikka can’t seem to convince him otherwise.

Riikka and Thorstein have some heated fights, but the make-up sex is even hotter. Riikka is grateful when Lucy helps with the sickness threatening the settlement, but wonders just how far her friend will take this farce. Riikka knows they both need to keep playing their parts until all the lines are used up. Until then, she just needs to figure out a way to get Lucy back home.

When the seas get rough, Riikka and Thorstein’s intense love and passion can take them through anything—even if it means sailing through fire and ice.


Viking Jarl Thorstein Eldar and his modern-day wife Riikka were on their way home with Lucy from the twenty-first century accompanying them. Riikka’s bestfriend pretended to be the Goddess Eir so they could escape Riikka’s father and the problems ensuing them.

Thorstein thought there was a possibility that Lucy wasn’t Lucy anymore, not Riikka’s friend and definitely not the Goddess Eir. Could it be that Odin and Loki took her female form and resided in Lucy’s body? Oh wow, that was wicked. But, could there really be a possibility that Lucy was the Allfather?

Lucy’s pretending to be a Goddess had gone straight to her head, that even the other vikings and warriors were willing to die and kill for her. The situation clearly spiraled out of control and Riikka had no knowledge how to stop all these madness.

“Clamp it, sister. I didn’t say I was going to fight them. I’m going to use my status as a Goddess to scare the shit out of them.”

Riikka had to do something before everything blew out of proportion. She had to talk to the witch again, but Thorstein forbade her because he believed they were being taught life lessons. Plus, there’s the evil disease plaguing the people of Jarlside. She was thought to be the demon who brought forth all this bad luck. What was she supposed to do now?

This is perhaps the most seductive, most provocative, most alluring book I’ve read this year. And it involved Vikings and their primal needs, their openness in sexual encounters and extreme punishments. There’s a lot of cussing, and spanking and dirty talks (they’re Vikings, so that’s expected), lip-locking and alarmingly sexy & hot scenes in the book, that I found myself drinking a cold glass of water every now and then.

Believe me, this wasn’t easy to read, because all the make-up sex and exhibitions were just too overwhelming, at least for me. But it did open my eyes about Vikings and their culture and Thorstein’s deep emotions for his wife. It was illuminating. Definitely had me sailing through fire and ice.







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