Review: Descent by Sloane Murphy



Descent, The Immortal Chronicles #1
by Sloane Murphy

officialsynopSix hundred years after The Outbreak, the human population stand side by side with the Fae & the Vampyrs to stop the Demon King from starting a second Dark War.
Seventeen year old Adelaide Tate is in her last year of the Academy, with her eyes set on becoming part of the Red Guard.
Who cares that no female has ever joined?
When a dark force develops an unhealthy liking for her, Adelaide needs to fight for her life and figure out what makes her so different from the others.
Betrayal. Fear. Anger.
She must overcome it all in order to turn her world the right way around again.
Adelaide has one choice. Accept the help offered to her by Xander Bane and his Elite, or face the Demon Hoard alone.
One thing is for sure. The descent will be bloody.

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officialreviewImagine the Faes, Angel’s , Vampires, and Demons all came together in this twistedly surprising paranormal story by Sloane Murphy. Humans and other paranormals struggled  to live together in a world that was likely to get shattered and fall apart.

The heroine/female protagonist Addie or Adelaide was a badass. From the start, I knew she was head strong and got a little mischief in her hands when she decided to join the Red Guard, something that no other female had ever done before. Considering she had a lot in her hands and friends who turned out to be something else, I somehow felt drawn to her other personality that showed her solicitousness. As the story progressed, I kind of anticipated the turn of events with the other characters, but Addie’s own self-discovery in the end was a beautiful surprise.

On the other hand, Xander Bane wasn’t the man I expected him to be. When I didn’t realize at first his true nature, I thought he was too old for darling Adelaide and couldn’t understand his fascination. When the truth dawned upon me, that’s when I started liking him. In the end, I thought he and Addie deserved something more than they bargained.

The other characters were a bit edgy and high-strung. Livvie or Olivia surprised me the most and I thought she deserved another break.

Overall, the story was good and entertaining. I was just a little bothered with the typos. But other than that, Descent was a great start of a series. The cliffhanger was awesome, by the way.

My Rating:




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