sometimes, you think you already gave out your best …but at the end of the day, you realize, your best is nothing compared to others..

sometimes, you believe, you have everything in life.. love, family, wealth, health.. but in the end, you tend to ask for more..
sometimes, you see yourself getting all the attention that you have always wanted… only to imagine that you are just looking at your reflection in the mirror..

sometimes, you pretend to be somebody else who has achieved all his goals…..and then you stop and wish it was really you..

sometimes, you lie on your bed and try to drive all all the miseries away… and then you wake up and find out, it is still in your head…

sad to say, that’s the way life goes..

you need to know how to deal with these disappointments and regrets..

you need to accept the fact that not all your wishes come true..

you need to remember that not everything is at the grasp of your hand…

but you have to work harder to get… to achieve it… to grasp it.. to have it in your life..

and that’s how life should be.. so what if you failed to reach your dream…. so what if you failed to surmount life’s struggles…

there’s still next time..

there’s still a gleam of light at the end of the tunnel..

there’s still more opportunities in the future.. there’s still hope..


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