New Cover: Ella’s Love by Jasmine Lee



✭✭✭NEW Cover: Ella’s Love✭✭✭

Title ↭ Ella’s Love
Author ⇝ Jasmine Lee
Released ↬ 02/04/15
Model ↪ Donna Kitchens
Photographer ↠ Tabitha Patterson
Cover Design ⇉ Sheri McGathy

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00018]

What would you do if you ran into someone and had an instant connection?

For Ella Wells and Marcus Townes that is exactly what happens.

Fate throws them together and test their strengths.


I know no man truly wants to be with ME… not when I have more than the normal single mom baggage. But when fate intervenes and throws Marcus into my path more than once. I decide maybe it’s time to trust fate and see where it takes me.


I was good with having one-night stands. But when I have a chance encounter with a startling red-head…I start to second guess my choices. She changes everything for me and when she delivers her secret I tuck tail and run. I don’t blame her for not wanting to have anything to do with me. But if she’ll just give me one more chance I will prove my undying love for her.


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Author 1 (2)

Hey everyone, (Waves)

Well lets see, I could tell ya a grand story full of A-list celebrities but lets face it, that only happens in books. I’m married and have two kiddos a son who is a avid baseball player and a daughter who is very passionate about horses. I was born and raised in a small country town in Deep East Texas. Not playing the POP is like 300 people!! I love writing/reading and taking pictures. All 3 have been long time hobbies of mine.


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