Review – Globaloonies 1: The Big Red Button by Max Candee

tbrbThe Big Red Button (Globaloonies #1)
by Max Candee

officialsynopJoey Papagopolis is your typical 10-year-old. Like most boys that age, Joey has a pet chameleon named Larry and a mysterious Big Red Button that can transport the two of them through time and space to the far reaches of the planet…

Hey, wait a second, that’s not typical at all! In fact, that’s pretty amazing — which is why you will want to follow along as Joey and Larry set off on their first Big Red Button adventure.

An absent-minded wish and an accidental pressing of the button land Joey and Larry smack in the middle of a conflict between a Native American tribe and some English settlers. Yikes!

Are their lives in danger? Can Joey resolve the conflict? Will Larry teach them all how to line dance? Does Larry even know how to line dance?


officialreviewJoey Papagopolis wanted to be cool and be recognized by the Guinness World of Records at the same time. When his mom bought him a chameleon named Larry, he took it to his school and soon, his “cool” status elevated. Then one day, Joey discovered the Big Red Button which brought him & Larry to exciting and unimaginable adventures. Adventures that transcend through time and space.

Globaloonies 1: The Big Red Button is a sure fun way to get my kids engaged in reading. My eldest volunteered to read this book last night but we all ended up laughing and grinning like monkeys. He sure had a hard time with the longest name of a lake in the world. The big red button sure got us all wishing we have it instead.

The illustrations were also on point, my middle child said, the pictures were colorful and fun to see. This was a very interesting book and we hope to read the next adventures of Joey and Larry soon!


My Rating: 





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