Review: Frostbite by Joshua Bader

frostbiteFrostbite (Modern Knights #1)
by Joshua Bader

officialsynopGetting hired to be a personal wizard for a billionaire may just become a death sentence.

Colin Fisher is a young man with a lot of problems on his plate: a dying father, a dead car doubling as a home, and a mysteriously disappeared fiancée. You’d think with a magical inclination he’d be able to turn it all around, but not so much.

Yet his bad luck appears to be on the way out when the CEO of a multinational corporation offers him a job. It’s a sweet gig as a personal wizard with a fat paycheck. It just has one catch. The paranoid CEO isn’t a mere hypochondriac, he’s been hexed with an authentic ancient curse.

Now Colin is the only thing standing between his new boss and a frozen bundle of fangs, claws, and rage. If he can’t stop the cannibal ice demon in time to save his new boss, it’ll be back to living out of his dead car. That is, if he even survives the battle.

officialreviewWith a missing fiancee in his mind, Harvard college dropout Colin Fisher wanted to get to his dying father as soon as possible. However, a dead car battery led him to stop at a gas station. But he was surprised to see the ice-cold body of the dead employer with a missing heart inside the store. Soon he was questioned by the police and was suspected of murder.

A high-profile lawyer got him out of his troubles, but not without getting something in return. Valente hired his services to find out who had been killing his employees.. Why did this magnate choose Colin, you ask?

Because Colin Fisher wasn’t the person you thought he was. Because inside him lurked another creature that contradicted his thoughts and sometimes manipulated his mind. Because Colin Fisher was a wizard extraordinaire.

I didn’t dare close my eyes after reading this book. I was wide awake, imagining those nasty monsters and wendigos that I’ve read about. I got shivers down my spine just thinking about the demon that lurked inside Colin.

I like the supernatural world that Joshua Bader created. I love the banter between the characters. I love the nastiness and grit of Colin and Yog Shoggoth, the pull of the Necronomicon, and lastly, the phone call to Miss Veruca Wakefield, confirming her identity to the Dutchess bitch by speaking in five languages, all laden in profanity. Man, that was wickedly awesome! You should get this book. It’s terrific and exhilarating!


NOTE: *I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 




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