Review: The People That Fall Out of Pictures by Anne Wentworth


The People That Fall Out Of Pictures
by Anne Wentworth

officialsynopEvery family has at least one secret, right? Jolene Poetic has just completed seventh grade and thanks to Billy Marsden, is now looking ahead to a rather lonely summer. Jolene has a couple of strikes against her when it comes to making friends. Her Aunt Agatha is mentally ill and her family are considered poor. What Jolene doesn’t know is that this is going to be the most amazing summer of her life and it has to do with the ancient painting on their wall. She is about to be told the family secret and meet The People That Fall Out Of Pictures. Her life and how she sees things will never be the same again.

officialreviewJolene Poetic experienced bullying at school, and Billy Marsden made sure she wouldn’t have an easy time. Why, even their teacher Mr. Schon also bullied her, the jerk! Back at home, she couldn’t have one decent discussion with her Aunt Agatha because of her mental illness, a fact that Billy had so joyously informed the school about and tormented her with. Good thing, there was her Grandma Mette who took care of her after her parents died in an accident.

The end of school and the start of summer marked Jolene’s graduation, that’s according to Grandma Mette, which meant she was ready to learn their family’s secret. Seems like the Poetic family not only had one secret, but a thousand! Have you ever heard about the People that fall out of pictures, literally? I bet you haven’t seen anything like it. Jolene, too. The People consisted of Cairn, the gorgeous man with a river of light flowing from his eyes, Pixie, the sparkly beautiful lady and Rossdale, the man in velvety purple suit who had a heavy case of dandruff. Thee eccentric characters, three people who made a change in Jolene’s life.

I liked this book because I found the characters quite appealing and the story very unique and engrossing. It seemed like there were a lot of secrets that needed to be revealed in every chapter; a lot of questions arose with every discovery, a lot of inquiries about family, friends, and foes. Billy may be a bully, but there’s more about this broken boy than I could imagine, while his mother was master manipulator. Their paths had collided multiple times, and every time I cringed because Jolene seemed to get more and more confused with all the information bestowed upon her. I didn’t know if I should pity her or get annoyed at her. Sometimes, I thought she was being so insensitive of Aunt Agatha, sometimes she’s understanding of Billy, and still sometimes, she was being so childish when she learned about The People.

But one thing is for sure, this was sure a very interesting read, I couldn’t put it down most of the time. The ending still raised a lot of questions to me, and I would love to read more about all those mysteries!

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