Children’s Book: The Carrot, The Egg & the Teabag by AM Marcus


Children’s Book: The Carrot, the Egg and the Tea Bag
by A.M. Marcus (Goodreads Author)
with Oliver Bundoc (Illustrator)

officialsynopThis promising narrative follows the ventures of a young girl named Sharon who learns of the importance of self-determination and perseverance when faced with difficult challenges in her everyday life. Overwhelmed by her determination to succeed, Sharon seeks guidance from her loving father who teaches her a canny yet unforgettable life lesson.

Follow Sharon on her journey of self-discovery as she learns a very important life lesson from her wise father. Through his ingenious imagination and creative use of food items, Sharon’s father teaches a lesson which is both meaningful and noteworthy. Are you the Carrot, the Egg, or the Tea Bag? The decision is yours.

officialreviewOnce again, AM Marcus had came up with a very inspiring story for kids and adults alike. In this book, Sharon was overwhelmed with all the things she had to face in the next coming weeks – an upcoming Ballet recital, Math exams and a Spelling Bee contest. There was so much happening that she didn’t know what to do. Until she went to her father’s kitchen and asked for his help. There he told her about the Carrot, the Egg and the Teabag, and Sharon learned a whole lot about handling difficult situations.

This book is the perfect analogy of how man faces and conquers challenges that come upon him. I read this to my kids and asked for their opinions about Sharon’s miseries. My eldest son thought the carrot is like a man who may seem strong and sturdy at first sight, but eventually, he loses his strength when things didn’t go smoothly.

I asked my second child about the egg. He said, it was soft inside when uncooked, just like man who has a soft heart. But he also becomes strong and hardened when faced with difficulties.

And soon, we all talked about the tea bag, and we’d like to think that we are like the tea bag. That when we are charged with heat and challenges, we have the ability to turn things around and we could create change and spread positivity all throughout. I’m glad my kids understood the meaning behind this story and was inspired to think better when they thought they couldn’t do something they wanted.

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