Children’s Book: The Elephant and the Rope by A.M.Marcus


Children’s Book: The Elephant and the Rope
(Moral Story for Kids on Overcoming Challenges and Adversity)
(Books about Perseverance Book 1)
Author: A.M. Marcus


This uplifting book follows the story of a young boy named Will who, one night, encounters some difficulty with his homework. Discouraged by the challenges which was presented before him, Will loses hope in his ability to succeed and considers giving up. But not before seeking advice from his wise Grandpa.

After hearing of Will’s difficulties and troubles, Grandpa decides to tell young Will an inspiring story about the challenges that he once faced as a young man in the hopes of teaching his grandson the power of perseverance.

Join Will and Grandpa as they embark on a heartwarming journey which takes them back in time and discover the powerful message behind Grandpa’s motivating tale.


Cheers to another great story by A.M. Marcus! The Elephant and the Rope tells a story about a boy who is having a hard time finding the right answers to his homework. After a few tries, he gives up, and goes to his grandfather, sulking and complaining about his predicament. Grandfather soon tells him a story about his youth when he was still working in a circus.

He tells him that the elephants that he fed were tied to a rope even though those big animals could easily get away, but chose to stay. There he learned something about the way elephants preferred to give up instead of trying again.

This story isn’t only for kids but is also applicable to grown ups who easily get discouraged when the going gets tough. A perfect story to reminds us that if there’s a will, there’s a way. We only need to continue striving and trying until we get the intended results. That we must overcome the challenges in order to achieve our goals. That we shouldn’t be like the elephants who didn’t settle for more. Kudos to A.M Marcus for not only writing a beautiful tale but for also uplifting us and opening our eyes to a more positive attitude!

My Rating: 5cups


A. M. Marcus graduated from the Technion Israel Institute Of Technology with B.Sc. Cum Laude in Computer Engineering.

Throughout his studies, he has been teaching and helping children with math and through his work, he has helped them to discover their inner strength and motivation to continue studying and nurturing success in life.

He loves the challenge of early education, and especially enjoys working with children with learning difficulties. He has found great satisfaction in helping them conquer their fears and overcome the challenges associated with their education.

A. M. Marcus has read hundreds of self improvement books, and been influenced heavily by them. Through self-reflection, he found that his great dream was to share that wisdom, especially with kids.

A. M. Marcus is always happy to get your reviews, answer your questions, or simply speak with you. Please feel free to contact the author at: or check out AMMarcus’ website:

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