Review: OFFSIDE (Pro-U #2) by Ali Parker


Offside (Pro-U #2)
by Ali Parker

officialsynopJacob Wright is president of the largest fraternity on campus, and he’s known as a lady killer, and a bit of a slut. He wears his badges proud and never leaves anyone with the pretense that he’s something he’s not. Having to balance working at his father’s restaurant with school and soccer has become almost impossible, but there’s a new reason for wanting to show up – Emily.

Emily Campbell has heard all about Jacob Wright and his unruly ways. There’s not too many girls on campus that don’t wish for a night in his bed, but Emily can’t imagine why. He’s impossibly sexy, but that only goes so far. After taking a job at the local pizza parlor on campus, she realizes that she’s going to get a large dose of the frat boy and his wild ways.

Jacob might think that Emily is willing to play his game, but she’s going to throw out a flag and call it like she sees it – Offside.


Jacob Wright can’t settle for just one woman. After getting hurt and abandoned by her own mother, he set out to conquer life with his stepdad by his side and savoring every girl that catches his eyes. But if there’s one woman he really wants from the beginning, that would be Emily Campbell. Too bad she’s already taken by the cheating bastard star player, Brody.

This book is one heck of a ride. I was so shocked by all the events and the steamy scenes, I had to cover my eyes from reading them. I know I’ve mentioned before that I love Ali Parker and have read most of her books. Now, I don’t know what to say. Oh girl, this had been too much, I couldn’t keep up! The scenes here were really graphic and mind-blowing, I thought I’d have a heart attack from all those things Jacob and Emily did. I swear, Offside will put Fifty Shades to shame. Great job, Ali Parker!

This book is not for the faint of heart. Trust me, you could die any moment while reading this. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

My Rating: 





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