Review Tour: Hiding Out in Hollywood by Jennifer Farwell


Hiding Out In Hollywood

(A Hollywood Dating Story #2)
by Jennifer Farwell

officialsynopAfter her very public romance with superstar singer Cory Sampson nearly cost Emily Watts her career, she’s thrilled to be bouncing back with a new fashion column for the nation’s top entertainment website. More than that, she’s happy to be out of the media spotlight and is determined to never make tabloid headlines again. So when her new yoga classmate, Raine Kingston, wants to see Emily outside of class, she isn’t sure what to do. Raine is funny, madly attractive, and he’s one of the most charming men Emily has ever met. He’s also a sought-after actor who tops Hollywood’s A-list, and Emily knows being seen with him will destroy the privacy she’s worked so hard to get back.

She can’t deny their connection, though, and Raine is willing to spend time together in places they won’t be seen. Just when Emily is on top of the world with her new romance, her past finds its way back into the headlines, thanks to a music partnership between Cory and indie band guitarist Jesse Cinder, someone Emily counts among her enemies. With all eyes back on her, it gets harder to keep her dates with Raine a secret, and Emily is forced to choose: stay with Raine, who makes her the happiest she’s ever been, and have her life back in the headlines, or give up the best relationship she’s ever had to keep the privacy and normal life she craves.

officialreviewEm-Girl is back.. And the spotlight seems to follow her around again. She craves for anonymity after an unpleasant experience with two rockstars who used her notoriety in the music industry. She thinks she can still find that solitude and privacy again when she switch schedules and joins a yoga group. Until Raine Kingston, a famous Hollywood actor, turns out to be her yoga classmate and has asked her out on a date.

Raine is really adorable and funny and has a strong charisma. No wonder he’s getting flocked by female fans wherever he goes. Emily must soon choose whether to pursue this romantic feeling or stop it altogether. She knows she’ll be under the scrutiny of the media & public, once she gets involved with Raine. She tries so hard to keep everything under her control. But Wally Hood, the legendary gossip columnist, knows Emily’s hiding something and he intends to find out. Plus, there’s her ex-paramours, Jesse & Cory who seems to be brewing something behind her back.

Now, she’s cornered. She wants Raine but she doesn’t want the spotlight he brings. But how about her heart? Will she ever find happiness again if she lets go of her feelings?

Just like in the first book, Rock Star’s Girl, I found Emily quite appealing and personable. Although I was a little annoyed with all her defensive mechanisms against the glare of Hollywood, I think she was just doing all that after the snafu that the rockstars (C-Samp and Jesse Cinder) had thrown upon her. Can’t blame the girl for being evasive and calculating, she was just being cautious and wise, given the circumstances. But when it comes to matters of the heart, I understood her hesitancy.

Now let’s talk about Raine Kingston. Oh my.. He’s swoon-worthy and really lovable. The kind of man I’d love to meet someday. I wonder if there are any actors who’s like him – understanding, caring, private, mature, nurturer and definitely a keeper. I can see why Emily’s bestfriend Shelby agrees instantly to their relationship. I can’t help but sigh at his gentlemanly ways. Ahh..

This is my second Jennifer Farwell book and I know for sure this won’t be the last. I enjoyed her writing style and addictive storyline and pleasing characters. I wish this series would garner more attention because it’s a beautiful and wonderful story. ’nuff said!

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jennifer farwellJennifer Farwell has been writing since the day she picked up a navy blue Crayola as a toddler and began scribbling on her parents’ freshly painted white walls. She’s the author of SEVEN WEEKS TO FOREVER, ROCK STAR’S GIRL, and HIDING OUT IN HOLLYWOOD. When not writing novels, she can often be found at a Kundalini yoga class, cheering on the L.A. Kings during hockey season, or curled up with a good book. Her love of storytelling led to completing a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a Master of Arts degree in English, both from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She grew up in Thunder Bay, Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Pico.

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