Review: Bear Needs by Katie Hayward

bearBear Needs (BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance)
by Katie Hayward

officialsynopBecca was restless and needed a change of pace. Her grandpa, on his deathbed, tells her of his childhood home, the enchanting Clearfield. Becca imagines that it’s nothing more than the exaggerations of a man whose mind is going, but she decides to pack up all her things and move there anyway. When she gets there, she finds much more than what she expected. One evening, a sharp pain overcomes Becca and the next thing she knows, she’s turning into a bear! Confused and disoriented, Becca doesn’t know what to do until he shows up.

Luke is like something out of her wildest fantasies. He’s ridiculously handsome and has a kind heart. He helps her understand her newfound powers and she finds herself falling for him almost instantly. She’s never met anyone more stunning than he is and it doesn’t hurt that this handsome stranger can also shift into a bear. Becca’s certain she’s found her paradise, but when old enemies return and Becca finds her and the other shifters in the town threatened, she doesn’t know what to do. Will she be able to save her happiness with the sexy and amazing Luke or will everything she’s come to know and love be destroyed?

officialreviewBear Needs introduces us to Becca Paige who just moved to Clearfield after her grandfather died. He told her about this beautiful place and had requested her to come visit the place and see for herself. Clearfield got lots of friendly people, including hottie next-door neighbor, Luke, hence Becca had an easy time living there. Until one night when the moon was full, something so painful happened to her. Luke explained the situation, making her think if she made the right choice of moving to this new place.

This has been a fast-paced book. So fast, I almost got dizzy with the turn of events. A lot of things happened since Becca arrived and the characters were too good to be true. I understand that this is a short story, so there are many info that needs to be elaborated. And Becca’s acceptance about shifters was kinda abrupt, I was surprised she was so forthcoming about the situation.

Storywise, it was good, it has potential and grit. I just wished this was longer so the story and the characters would have been fully developed. I also have issues with the misspellings and grammar, there were a lot of typos that I had to shake my head and mentally correct the book. *sigh* Overall though, this was okay.

My Rating:




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