Review: Her Man by Wendi Zwaduk

hermanHer Man
by Wendi Zwaduk

The love of her life isn’t the man she expects but he just might be the man she never saw coming.

officialsynopCass Jensen writes hot books and likes her life as an author. She’s got the material things she desires, good friends and a side career singing with the band. What more could she ask for? A sexy man to warm her bed during the chilly Ohio nights—that’s what she wants. Someone to make her blood sizzle and her heart race. She heads to California to help cast the movie being made from one of her books. She’s not interested in dating another actor, but what if the man she needs is on the other side of the audition table?

Logan Malone is known as one of the biggest playboys in all of Hollywood. He’s rumoured to be dating half the single ladies in town and romancing the other half. There’s only one problem—Logan doesn’t want to be the player any longer. He wants a strong career and an even stronger woman in his life. When he meets Cass, he knows she’s the one he’s been looking for. But Cass comes with her own complications. Can he handle being her man or will the glare of the media be too much for them to handle as a couple?

He’s about to find out just how hard he’ll have to work in order to be her man, but he’s up for the job.

officialreviewLogan Malone is Hollywood’s next sexiest star alive, but he wanted more than that. He wanted to be a real actor and not just another pretty face. He wanted to be someone. He wanted to be something more. But he also wanted to find that someone that would make him leave it all.

Cass Jensen wrote a really steamy book and now it is about to made into a motion picture. She’s looking for the perfect man for the role, and Logan was the perfect guy for the job. But then she realized Logan wasn’t only after his role. He also was after her. His oozing sex appeal definitely got her hot and bothered, but she couldn’t mix business with pleasure, right? Or could she?

Sinister stalkers and ex-lovers would hinder Logan’s plans for Cass. And being on the spotlight didn’t help him either. Could he sacrifice his career for the one thing that he’s always been searching for?

This was a good story, kinda predictable by Hollywood standards, but it did have hot and steamy and super erotic scenes. Maybe I’ve already read a lot of stories that could rival the filthiness in this book, so I wasn’t into those jaw-dropping sexcapades anymore.

But storywise, it was good. The characters were a little crazy, but good. I thought at first they were kinda too-hot to handle, but in the end, I managed. Cass definitely found Her Man and that was all that matters.

My Rating: 




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