Review: Peanuts and Eggcups by Sara Mendes da Costa


Peanuts and Eggcups
by Sara Mendes da Costa

officialsynopTen years ago, Maggie’s heart was utterly broken by the love of her life -the gorgeous Luke Henderson- when he left her after their first, and only, night of passion, never to be seen again. Until now. With Luke back on the scene, Maggie needs answers and some closure.But when he doesn’t even have the courage to show up to their high school reunion, Maggie is left, once again, hurt and confused. Resolved to just get on with her life Maggie doesn’t foresee the arrival of Tony: Luke’s self-assured, tall, dark and handsome younger brother. He makes a long-time-coming beeline for Maggie and shakes up her world. Whether she likes it or not things have just got a whole lot more complicated and she doesn’t even know the half of it.

Recruiting her girlfriends -the unwaveringly optimistic and bubbly Cat, Jenny a feisty femme fatale (and also the brothers’ younger sister!) and Pauline the sensible voice of reason- Maggie tries to navigate herself through the romantic quagmire that is the Henderson brothers. The only thing she knows for sure is that she doesn’t want to settle for second best anymore and whatever the future holds she’s determined to do it her way. But what Maggie doesn’t know is that a plan has been hatched, a game is being played, and she is unwittingly embroiled in the middle. In fact, she’s the pawn on which the game rests and it’s going to take all her strength and resolve to break free and find happiness at last.


Five minutes into this book and I was already laughing my ass off the floor, (literally, coz I had my single mattress on the floor while reading this) thanks to Maggie Parsons and her quirky friends and officemates. But when she encountered one disaster after another (getting a black eye after falling facedown during their high school reunion) and getting fired from work (told her she was redundant yada yada yada), it was time for her to breathe again, relax and focus on what’s ahead of her.

Her friends Jenny, Pauline and Catherine were her rock. They did everything they could to see her smiling again and forget about her misfortunes. Maggie thought she’d see Luke Henderson again, her first love, the one man who took her heart and soul and purity away, but left her immediately without a glance or explanation. Hurt, betrayed and abandoned, that’s what she felt when she thought she’d see him again; all the more painful when she learned that he was getting married soon to a Swedish.

Then came her knight in shining armor… or was he? Tony Henderson, Luke & Jenny’s youngest brother, became enamored with Maggie and things seemed to shine brighter this side of the planet. But how long until this brightness last? Will Maggie ever know the reason why Luke left her? Was Tony the one for her?

Oh well, it took me about a week to finish this book but it’s all worth it. (The book is about 700+ longTrue, Maggie wasn’t the strongest protagonist I’ve met, I was quite annoyed with her decision-making antics and immature approach to problems that come her way. Also, there were a lot of characters you need to meet, all of which played a part to her life. But the guy that really left a bad taste in my mouth was Tony. The jerk! At first, he got me really interested in him, what with all the witty banters and sexy comebacks he and Maggie had thrown each other. But once you get to see the real golden boy, I couldn’t help but curse him like there’s no tomorrow. Ugh, such a deceiver!

I couldn’t say quite the same with Luke, he also had his flaws and shortcomings. Can’t believe he was easily swayed by his brother’s obnoxious attitude. But what I liked about him was his compassion to those who need help and attention. He wasn’t afraid to show defeat but he also wasn’t brave enough to show his feelings. With this flaws, I think I like him already.

Maggie Magpie was quite similar with Luke. They both fell victims to circumstances beyond their control, and  both have communication problems. I think that made them compatible with each other.

Peanuts and Eggcups is all about family and friends and gender equality. It talks about hatred, jealousy, pride, lies, lust and greed. Yes, like the deadly sins. In the end, the banters, the confrontations, the saucy encounters, the story took my breath away. Kudos Sara Mendes Da Costa for a thrilling first book!

My Rating: 



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