Review: Then He Kissed Me by Laura Trentham


Then He Kissed Me
(Cottonbloom Novels #2)
by Laura Trentham

officialsynopCan two hearts come together in one divided town?

As a boy, Nash Hawthorne spent countless afternoons on the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom with Tally Fournette, wading in the river, peeling oranges and catching frogs. When illness stole his mother, Nash yearned to take Tally and run away—for good. Instead, he crossed the state line to live with his aunt. It was a short distance as the crow flies, but it swept him into a whole new world…

After Nash left, Tally managed to struggle through her own losses without him. But now that she’s crossed paths with him again—at Cottonbloom College, where the grown-up, gorgeous Nash teaches history—she is reminded of their cherished youthful connection…and an attraction that has only gotten stronger with age. Between Tally’s possessive ex and Nash’s snobbish aunt, no one thinks they belong together. In a town torn apart by old resentments and rivalries, can they find their way back to the life they once shared—and turn their long-lost dreams into a real and lasting love?


They were both innocent kids who became best of friends. But when their respective parents died, Nash Hawthorne was taken by his aunt across the Mississippi river, leaving Talullah Fournette behind. She financially struggled with her studies, he got bullied in his new school. A river separated them, but their hearts never forgot.

Ten long years had passed and they saw each other again, this time they could no longer hide their feelings. But Nash’s aunt Leora never liked her for her nephew, and Tally thought she herself was a weirdo and could never satisfy Nash’s needs nor keep up with his brain while her own reading was muddled with dyslexia. Their own differences hindered them from getting together, and the more they came to realize their emotions, the more they sabotage what they felt.

This is the second book in the Cottonbloom Novels and this time, Cade’s little sister takes the front seat. Among the Fournette’s I think she’s the most vulnerable yet most passionate. She doesn’t easily trust people, she’s wary and wants to be in control of situations. What I didn’t like about her though, was she always sell herself short. She doesn’t recognize her worth and choose to brood instead of face the music. She’s too afraid of Nash’s opinions of her. Nash Hawthorne, however, is a great man, maybe too great for his own good. Their love story was a little predictable, but Aunt Leora’s and Delmar was a twist and I loved it. Another sweet and lovely story from Lauren Trentham and I can’t wait to read about Sawyer’s life, too!

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