Review: Calling Romeo by Alexandra Potter

callromeoCalling Romeo
by Alexandra Potter

officialsynopWhat is the worst thing that could happen to you on Valentine’s Day? Getting stood up by your boyfriend? Having to spend the evening alone? Being drenched by an idiot driving a sportscar? When all three happen to Juliet on the same night, she reckons her love life can’t get any worse.

But it’s actually about to get a lot more complicated…Because the identity of the driver of the sportscar is revealed to be her arch business rival. She knows she should stay away. Except it’s not that easy. Handsome, sexy and utterly glamorous, Sykes is determined to sweep her off her feet and away from her boyfriend Will.

But is it worth risking everything for? Are they really destined to be star-crossed lovers? Or is Romeo actually a little closer to home? Juliet is about to find out in Alexandra Potter’s delightful romantic comedy about passion, truth and how the path to true love never did run smooth…

officialreviewJuliet Morris, account manager in an advertising firm, was supposed to meet her boyfriend, Will Barraclough on their much awaited catch-up date; unfortunately, Will stood her up. It made her think about their relationship and if they could  still bring back the love they used to have for each other.

After the disappointing no-show, pent-up emotions rose as she ventured Oxford Street under the cold rain – and then her new sheepskin coat got splashed with rain water by a handsome Aston Martin driver who drove away. All these bad luck happened on Valentine’s Day.

What made the matters worse, she was caught sniffing and crying in the Gent’s restroom at a charity ball by someone who happened to be her company’s major competitor on a big time car contract pitch.

After a moment of meditating, she surmised that she needed a break from Will. The next week, she found herself mingling and flirting with the very same man who splashed on her – Sykes, who was also her ad competitor. A weekend in Verona, Italy made her feel like a woman again. But when she came back to London, she didn’t expect Will to be as romantic as he had been when they were still newly dating years ago. Now she’s torn between Will and Sykes and afraid that she’ll screw up her future when she learned that her idea of the car advertisement is somewhat the same with her competitor. What should she do now?

Calling Romeo is a chicklit novel that focuses on strain relationships and finding a solution on how to secure your place under the sun. Although I had fun reading Juliet’s story, I thought her friend Trudy’s struggles being pregnant and being a single parent was more appealing and relatable. Between the two ladies, I actually found Trudy a much stronger character as she is firmer with her life after a devastating shrug-off from the one who got her pregnant.

Likewise, Will wasn’t really the kind of guy a reader would want for the female lead, but his transformation softened my heart. At first, I wasn’t entirely buying the whole Romeo & Juliet vibes in the book, having to go all the way to Verona Italy and all.  Don’t start me with Sykes, I definitely wasn’t a fan of him either.

Juliet’s story is rather common among women who are caught up in a relationship where the men in their lives can no longer sustain the romance. I liked how Will stood his ground when he learned about his girlfriend’s infidelity and came up with the biggest decision of his life. That ending though, kinda ruined it for me. I dunno, I just didn’t expect it to end that way.

My Rating: 




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