Review: To Kiss A Werewolf by Molly Snow


To Kiss a Werewolf
(Werewolf Kisses Book 1)
by Molly Snow

officialsynopAs president of Paranormal Addicts Anonymous, Stella’s got no time for popular guys. Especially the surfers who hang at Shoreline’s beach—they think flashing a sand-sprinkled, tanned chest is enough to get any girl. But when surfer-hunk Damien Capernalli crashes Stella’s PAA field trip to a haunted bed and breakfast, it may be time to rethink her priorities. …And what’s with that wolfish gleam in Damien’s eye?


Stella was dared to ask Damien Capernalli on a date, but she felt rejected after seeing another girl at Damien’s lap. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, there’s a new group of paranormal addicts, dead set on discovering zombies and werewolves. Stella and her friends stayed in a secluded house along the beach and soon discovered an eerie caretaker.

Before they knew it, said house owner was found dead in the night and she’s got no brains or blood in her. Creepy!!

Somehow, at first, I thought the story was a little cliche, with werewolves transforming and stuffs. Then there was Stella and her band of misfits, or more appropriately known as Paranormal Addicts. Kit, Caleb and Maggie are surprisingly good characters, but Maggie got my full attention because of her compulsive lying. Man, she did have a lot of stories to tell, and she was very convincing. Soon in the end, the zombies appeared and I was surprised. They weren’t the typical zombies I came to know in other books and movies.

To Kiss A Werewolf has the potential of a great series. I hope Molly Snow will get to develop more crazy characters and more endearing story with her Werewolf series.

Okay, now I take back what I said about this book being cliche. I liked the story in the end and it gave me second thoughts about paranormals. I love Stella’s support group, as well as Damien’s roots. His father was cool. Deathheads rule!

Alright, let’s not get carried away.. time to move along to know how to date a werewolf this time. Woot! Woot!

My Rating: 




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  1. ravenblake99 says:

    Nice Review! This book sounds fun and crazy! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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