A Letter to a 10-year old Me…

I am writing a letter to my 10-year old self. I know there’s a book entitled Dear Me: A Letter To My Sixteen-Year Old Self and I just felt inspired to create one for my own. But instead of writing a missive to my Sweet 16 alter-ego, I opted to write one for my 10 year old self. Because while I was still 10, I viewed the world in all its innocence. (Not that I am no longer innocent at 16, I actually still was!) But at 10, that’s when my childhood memories really started to bloom. When a lot of Firsts had happened.

Here’s the question even JK Rowling would have asked: What would you say to yourself if you came face-to-face with the 10-year-old you? Well, here’s what I’ll be telling Me if I’d be able to time-travel and talk to my 10-year old self.



Dear Me,

Look at you now! A 10-year old girl with a gap between her front teeth, wearing pigtails and a barrette. You look cute! Seriously, I am telling you, while you are a kid, everyone will call you cute until you reach 12, so don’t pout when I tell you You’re Cute, because you are!

Anyway, there’s a foreseeable future ahead of you. I’m not going to give you pieces of advice yet. But I will tell you somethings that you ought to know so that you can brace yourself.

Sometime in June, you’ll start 4th Grade. You will meet a new classmate; a transferee actually, and her name is Roselyn. You will become best of friends in the next two months, until she beats you in your First Periodical Examinations. Yes, you never thought she has it in her, but she’s actually a bright pupil. So you will strive harder, spend more sleepless night burning the midnight oil, charm your teachers, get more books in the Library, and soon you will be rewarded. Yes, you will crawl your way up until you become again the Star Pupil that you always were. Roselyn will not be able to get the first rank anymore, but you will still remain good friends. By October, both of you will join your very first Inter-School Quiz Bee and you will both win First Place!

Way to go, Dudette! Because of this, you will earn your first Kiddie Bank account! Your mom is thrilled!

Now, here’s another thing that would happen to you by the end of the year 1989, 2nd week of December. You will actually meet your First Crush! *wink-wink* Oh no, he’s not from your school, but he’s definitely a charmer. He actually looks like the teen version of Ryan Eigenmann, and you will meet him in an Oratorical Competition.  You will see him twice, and you will be smitten. His initials are JM. That’s all you need to know, for now.

Now let’s move forward to your upcoming 11th birthday on February 1990. (Technically, you’re still 10, so this letter still applies to you). Okay, so on January, two weeks before your birthday, you will be kissed. WHAT??! Yep, someone from your class will actually steal a kiss from you before you go home. Nope, he’s not going to be your first boyfriend, you will not ever like him, actually, and he’s not even your crush. His name is Walter, and he’s part of your Thursday Group of Room Cleaners. Just before you place the broomstick in the storage area, Walter will come up beside you, get the broomstick from your hand and he will kiss you on your left cheek! And then you will be dumbfounded and shocked! You never saw it coming! You will blink for about 10 times and you will recover. Then you will chase him around the room, asking him why he kissed you. He will just say this to you: Because I like you, that’s all!

Oh, wow! What happens next, I won’t tell anymore. That’s for you to find out.

Now, here’s my “Words of Wisdom” for you. Don’t you ever give up! Never. There will come a time when you think you may not be able to continue your studies, because you will learn that your mom is having a hard time making both ends meet. There’ll be a lot of challenges coming your way, but I am asking you to stay strong, keep praying, and always wear a smile on your face. You will have a bright future ahead. You will soon discover that life is not fair, but it is still full of hope and mysteries. Live each day like it is your last. Dream big, reach for the star and keep your feet on the ground. Because that is what life is all about.

Anyway, it’s 2016 already. And right now, you are still stuck in 1989. But I assure you, in the years to come, you will realize that being 10 is the best year you’ve ever had.


Me, Myself, and I

  • signed June 23rd, 2016

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