Review: Wooed By You by Sophia Knightly

wooedWooed by You (Tropical Heat 0.5)
by Sophia Knightly

officialsynopHe’s a tough cop on a mission. She avoids cops like the plague. He’ll take the challenge… Single mom Isabel Garcia’s blood runs cold when an innocent dig in her garden unearths evidence of her late husband’s criminal activity, one she knew nothing about! When she calls narcotics detective Linc Heller, she faces another shock– her wild attraction to the hot detective.

Yet Linc’s perilous profession makes him unsuitable as a potential husband and stepfather. Protecting her little daughter from further heartache, Isabel vows to avoid Linc. But the alpha lieutenant is determined to woo the elusive Latin beauty and show her some risks make life worth living.


Isabel Garcia found a shocking piece of evidence tying to her dead husband’s previous criminal activities while digging  in her backyard. She asked for help from Detective Lincoln Heller whom she had first worked with after her spouse died. Linc was evidently attracted to her, but Isabel disregarded whatever she felt for him because she didn’t approve of his dangerous profession. Being in the task force chasing criminals sure invited a lot of peril and death threats, something Isabel no longer wanted to experienced now that she was a widow. and a single parent to her precious child.

Linc was determined to make her see what she’d been missing and he wooed her to prove his feelings for her. But did Linc really stand a chance with Isabel when he reminded her of the risks she had to go through over and over again?

I had a good time reading this story, the characters seemed real to me. Like it or not, there are indeed some wives who are wary of the opposite sex after a bitter experience with their husbands. It never is easy to trust someone else again. Sophia Knightly was able to get the feelings right, the story felt right as well. Easy to read, pacing was steady and so far, the romance was gentle and had me sighing with a smile in the end.

NOTE: I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

My Rating:




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