Review: Unchained (An Eternal Guardian novella) by Elisabeth Naughton


Unchained (Eternal Guardians #8.5)
by Elisabeth Naughton

officialsynopPROMETHEUS – One of the keenest Titans to ever walk the earth. Until, that is, his weakness for the human race resulted in his imprisonment.

For thousands of years, Prometheus’s only certainty was his daily torture at Zeus’s hand. Now, unchained by the Eternal Guardians, he spends his days in solitude, trying to forget the past. He’s vowed no allegiance in the war between mortal and immortal, but when a beautiful maiden seeks him out and begs for his help, he’s once again powerless to say no. Soon, Prometheus is drawn into the very conflict he swore to avoid, and, to save the maiden’s life, he must choose sides. But she has a secret of her own, and if Prometheus doesn’t discover what she’s hiding in time, the world won’t simply find itself embroiled in a battle between good and evil, it will fall in total domination to Prometheus’s greatest enemy.


officialreviewPrometheus suffered so much in the past, had endured pain and extreme bites while being chained at Zeus’ hands. Now, he stayed from afar and looked over his daughter and vowed never to get mixed up again with humans, because that’s what had led him to torture in the first place. Until he heard a voice that seemed to talk to him, enchant him, entice him. The voice soon became an apparition, and then became real. A human. A witch.

Circe was still suffering under Zeus reign. He wanted her to find the water orb so he could complete the elements that would make him powerful. The only thing Circe could do to get it was to seduce the Titan who knew the orb’s location.. And she had every intention to get close to him so she could get away from the Olympian ruler.

Once again, I found myself hating Zeus more after reading Unchained. I felt bad for Circe and Prometheus, after everything they had endured from this god. I love the story of the punished Titan breaking his resolve and the witch-human that had eclipsed his heart. Their story was full of conflicts and raging with sexual tension, leaving the reader gasping for breath, demanding to be unchained and enslaved by the Titan himself. If you had been reading the whole series from the beginning, you’ll see the Naughton trademark in this novella – smoldering, heart-stopping, mind-blowing characters. Careful with the torrid scenes though, because this is not for the faint of heart.


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