Review: The Tin Forest by Helen Ward

tinforestThe Tin Forest
by Helen Ward (Author), Wayne Anderson (Illustrator)

officialsynopThere was once a wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten….

In the middle of a dark, lonely wasteland filled with old scrap metal lives an old man. Every night he dreams of a lively forest, full of sunshine, plants, birds, and animals. Every morning he wakes to gloom and bad weather. Then one day, he comes up with an idea to change things. But can an idea turn rain into sunshine? Can a dream make plants grow? The rich, detailed illustrations and lyrical text of The Tin Forest carry an important message of imagination and hope.

officialreviewMy kids and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The Tin Forest tells a story of a man living on his own, dreaming of that place where plants and animals live in harmony and beauty. But all that was just a dream, as he had nothing else but trash and junk and objects he gathered as years passed.

One day, he finally started to create a forest that’s made of these things and soon, a bird happened to visit his place. Such was the joy the old man felt, but also got disappointed and sad when the bird went away.

Little did he know that a surprise awaited him the next day.

The Tin Forest is a powerful book that kids and adults could learn from. It teaches us about not letting go of a dream, of seeing the beauty out of ugly things, of creating something extra-ordinary out of the normal and ordinary. It also teaches us how to love our environment, of taking caring of all living things, of recycling and reinventing. My two boys are inspired to build something out of their old toys and gadgets. Who knows? Maybe they’d be the next Alexander Graham Bells of the future? <Wishful thinking>

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