Review: It’s A Match by Ana Tejano

iamIt’s a Match
by Ana Tejano

officialsynopCams Ronquillo is single and ready to mingle – at least, online. After finally moving on from her last break-up, she decides to try online dating thanks to the encouragement of Gabriel Evangelista, her friend, business partner, and serial (online) dater. As she learns to navigate through the potential dates at her fingertips, Cams decides to break one of their online dating rules…and gets a very unexpected match.

officialreviewSparks flew between Cams and Gabriel in this newest story, only they were too blind to see it. Business partners turned friends, these two had known each other for a while and it suited them just fine.

When Cams had finally gotten over her ex, she decided to try online dating, and Gabriel was too pleased to help her out with her online profile. If only he was the one asking her on a date instead of some virtual guy she knew nothing about. If only she could tell her friend who she really wanted..

I like this newest novel by Ana Tejano, it’s light, short, sweet and kinda cupcake-cheesy. Cams, being a cupcake baker, was a delight to read, her innocence and naivete made her a lovable character. Online dating master with washboard abs, Gabriel was a chiseled god, in my opinion, and only a fool wouldn’t like him. I like his lovable personality, funny, sweet, caring and dedicated. I think we are a match! Ha ha.

I enjoyed this short book and would highly recommend it as a bedtime story for lovers, seekers and online daters alike! Thumbs up!

My Rating;




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