Review: A Glass Full of Rumors by A.M. Marcus


Children’s Book: A Glass Full of Rumors
Children’s Picture Book About Bullying
by A.M. Marcus

officialsynopThe book involves the important lessons surrounding the consequences of rumors and gossip. We meet our main characters, Michael and Mya, good friends from different backgrounds. Mya is a little girl wise beyond her years. Sadly, Michael experiences being the subject of a rumor at school, which hurts, while also dealing with his friend Mya moving away. Not knowing better Micheal too gets caught up in talking behind his schoolmates. On a special visit to see his friend, Michael learns from Mya some valuable lessons. The consequences of misinformation and how it is important to seek truth and speak from a positive place in our hearts.


Michael and Mya were bestfriends, they’re always together, they had fun together. Even if their social status were quite opposite, Michael’s family is poor while Mya was rich, they stayed friends. They didn’t give a care for other people who talked about them behind their backs.

When the school tickets had gone missing, everyone was quick to point their fingers on Michael and started rumors about him.

When Mya’s family had to move to another place, Michael was saddended and had no friends. That’s when he started to act unlikely and became one of the bullies.

When Mya learned about her friend, she instilled in him the wisdom of Socrates.

Have you checked if the rumor is true?

Does the rumor make the person concerned look bad?

Will the rumor be useful to me?

A Glass Full of Rumors is a very interesting and informative book, which aims to teach children how not to fall victims to bullies and not to spread rumors that would hurt other’s feelings. A.M. Marcus was able to evoke powerful emotions that children need to learn, understand, and emulate so they won’t end up being bullies.

My kids were with me when I read this book and had enlightened them. My first child actually opened up to me and admitted he had once been the receiving end of rumors at school and he was so close to hurting them, but he retracted. He knew I wouldn’t be happy if he hurt other people. Now that he learned about wisdom of Socrates, he feels good about himself.

Truly, it is sometimes with kiddie books like this that we get to learn more about life and how to go about treating others. I’m glad I was able to read this and share Mya and Michael’s story to my kids. We all learned a lot from them.

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