Review: A Rose In Bloom by Tamie Dearen


A Rose in Bloom
by Tamie Dearen

officialsynopElyssa Rose has delicate flowers in her hands and a muscular guy on her mind.

The talented owner of A Rose in Bloom is determined to make a success of her floral business. And she doesn’t want or need a man’s help or interference! But trouble shows up in the form of her handsome, but antagonistic, neighbor, Jaxon McCall, a gym owner whose sole purpose is to buy her building.

Jaxon McCall once had his eye on Elyssa’s building, but now he can’t take his eyes off her.

Attraction draws them together, even as their stubborn personalities drive them apart.


Elyssa Rose loved her flower business and would do everything to keep it and keep hottie gym owner Jaxon McCall from taking or buying her building. When Jaxon realized she was living in the apartment above her shop, he’s concerned about her safety, but Elyssa thought he was just making her go away.

A threat to her life brought Elyssa and Jaxon together and soon he found out her sleeping habit. Sleep walking. How could he resist a lady with a chocolate-dipped mouth just a few steps away from his bedroom?

And then an old nemesis caught Jaxon’s attention and made him seething with rage and jealousy. Looked like Baron was out to get Elyssa too?

This beautiful love story is just what I need after a stressful weekend. Elyssa and her dreamy state makes me laugh out loud everytime she opens her eyes and mouth. And dreamy Jaxon is such an adorable slave driver. A gym slave driver that is. I enjoyed grinning and laughing and kicking my pillows while reading A Rose in Bloom by Tamie Dearen. This is the perfect read before you sleep!

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