Review: Go Small or Go Home by Heather Wardell

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Go Small or Go Home
(Toronto Collection #2)
by Heather Wardell

officialsynopMassage therapist Tess Grayson has long dreamed of turning her hobby of building intricate miniature dioramas into an art career. She’s finally ready to grab for that tiny brass ring, but her potential new massage client shakes her resolve.

Forrest Williams had finally healed from the car accident that killed his fiancée, but a new injury now threatens his professional hockey career. Even allowing for everything he’s suffered, the depth of the emotional and physical pain Tess senses in Forrest at their first meeting shocks her, and she puts aside her artistic aspirations for two months to help him recover.

When Forrest shows Tess’s dioramas to his mother, who owns a top Toronto art gallery, she agrees to sell Tess’s work but her rules and restrictions stifle Tess’s creativity.

Giving up the career of her dreams is unthinkable, but losing the freedom and joy she’d always found in her art is unbearable, and Tess can’t seem to find a way to have both at once.


My oh my. This is by far one of the most beautiful sports romance novels I’ve read this year and I can’t help but gush over Forrest William and Tess Grayson. Two broken souls, two damaged goods, two miraculous hands, two different passions, one team, two goals – let go of the past and embrace the future.

I liked that this wasn’t some kind of insta-love. This has been about a man tormented by his past, scarred literally and emotionally. Forrest Williams was one of the most sought-after professional hockey players in Toronto,until he got into an accident that killed his fiancee. Tess Grayson just resigned from her job as a masseuse and was about to start on her art (creating miniatures or dioramas) when she got a call from a team, requesting for her massage therapy expertise. Her client turned out to be Forrest and things never looked the same way again. Her passion for building tiny masterpieces seemed to fuel her up, but Forrest always managed to crack the wall she built within herself.

Author Heather Wardell went the extra mile to deliver a story about commitment, passion and drive, decisiveness, healing and the freedom to do choose what makes you happy and not because it looks right for you. Forrest and Tess came a long way to realize what they meant to each other. They didn’t fall in love at first sight, their feelings grew as they came to know each other’s flaws and strengths, their uneasiness and different opinions on healing made them discern about life and the cruelty of the world at large. I shed a few tears while reading this book, but those were happy tears. I couldn’t help but sigh and sniff in the end. It was soooo good to cry once in a while. I’m glad Heather wrote this book. It was an awesome experience.

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