Review: Dirty Money by Ali Parker

dmDirty Money
(Bad Money #2)
by Ali Parker

officialsynopWith Victors demands laid on them, Jon, Marcus and Kate must traverse this new relationship between the four of them. A new threat moves into New Orleans and it will take all of them to keep control of their territory. With emotions running high, Jon struggles with the nefarious life he’s been pulled into as well as the idea of sharing his beloved with a monster and a thug.

Are Victors plans and purposes for only a time to construct the proper appearances to the world, or is this the new life he has signed up for? Kate holds her head high and does what’s necessary, trying to balance what’s right with what feels right. What do you do when you began to crave the sensual touch of more than one man? How do you choose and who will you hurt in the process?

Dissension begins to tear at the seems of their relationships, leaving several of them at odds with one another, but a larger threat is headed their way. These four villains will have to bind together – even tighter – regardless of their desire to.


Drugs, cops, money, threesomes… oh wait, was it four-some? Oh my. Ali Parker continues to make waves with her stories and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d soon get drowned from all the male machismo I had read. Dirty Money is the second on the Bad Money series and is even more deep, scathing and burning hot than the first one. It even scalded me like a melting cauldron. Oooh!

Victor, Kate, Marcus and Jon were like rabbits, and you know what rabbits do best, don’t you? Well, I’ll just leave that to your imagination, but if there’s one thing I am sure of, that cliffhanger ending sure had me wondering what lies ahead for these three energizer bunnies.

But there is more to know about these foursome. Stakes are high, especially with Kate, who’s future depends on the man she chooses. I can’t fathom the struggles she’s having and she’ll soon gonna have once the truth about her is revealed. Yes, that ending is indeed breathtaking, leaving me catatonic and bewildered. And only Ali does that to me. Ali Parker is wicked!

My rating:  4cups



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