Review: Future Investment by Ali Parker

fiFuture Investment: (Taboo Romance Series)
(Forbidden Fruit Book 2)
by Ali Parker

officialsynopDr. Aiden Crawford has reached the pinnacle of his career, but it’s come at a steep cost. Three divorces and nothing to show for any of them, he’s forced to start considering other possibilities to meet his needs. Being a bachelor forever doesn’t sound too bad, but sleeping around isn’t a possibility. He needs one woman, who he knows is safe and is willing to be adventurous in his bedroom. He needs a pet.

Elizabeth Jenkins has struggled her whole life. She’s finally through med school and has her residency set up. She’s locked into the low paying gig for the next three years, but couldn’t be more thrilled. The only problem is that she’s completely broke, and her student loans have piled up significantly beyond what she’s capable of managing.

When Aiden finds out about their newest residence’s situation, he’s more than happy to accept her offer for a solution. She might be the perfect addition to his life, but secrecy is of the upmost importance. He needs a warm body to snuggle up next to at night, but what he never considered was how quickly she might unravel his desire to stay alone and free forever.


Aiden Crawford may have been 10 years older than most doctors in the hospital, but his sex appeal and rugged handsomeness showed otherwise. No wonder Elizabeth Jenkins was drawn to him. Well, plus there’s the bonus that he was her assigned mentor for her resident training. If only her problems with money would not get in the way.

Even before he met her, Dr. Crawford was attracted to Elizabeth’s photo and he knew she wouldn’t make his life easier. Then an idea struck him and soon found Elizabeth right on his bed, right where he needed her. A deal was made between the two, and it was only a matter of time before one fell in love and could no longer stop oneself from drowning. Even if their union was being frowned upon.


Ali Parker’s second book in the Forbidden Fruit series is much more explosive than the first one (the Forgotten Bodyguard) and this one blew me away. I loved the steamy adventures, exciting plot and the hotter-than-hell scenes between the two main characters. A warm body like Elizabeth’s to defrost the coldness of one’s heart would surely heat up the reader’s fantasies, and Ali Parker has repeatedly did that to me. Whew!

Cheers to another hot hot hot series!

My rating: 




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