Review: My Lucky Catch by CM Doporto


My Lucky Catch
by C.M. Doporto

officialsynopThey’ll do anything to hide what they want, even though it’s each other they want most. Determined to keep their friends-with-benefits status under-wraps, Luke and Delaney spend their junior year of college sneaking around. Once the truth is revealed, their relationship takes off, but not without the challenges from Delaney’s carefree attitude or Luke’s overbearing parents. Luke’s determined to standby the girl he loves and trust she’s doing the right thing, despite his hectic baseball schedule that keeps him on the road. When Delaney’s past threatens to destroy them, will forgiveness be enough for them to realize they were each other’s lucky catch?

officialreviewLuke and Delaney are back in the University Park series, and I couldn’t get more excited for this two love birds. Sure, I was a big fan of the first three books and I was even caught by the Raven’s trap, but somehow, in this new book, Luke definitely caught my attention. I never thought I’d like him at all because he was a little uptight and a rebel. I wasn’t really into Delaney too, because I didn’t like her always sleeping around and never seemed to stay in a relationship.

Through the course of the book, the reader gets a very interesting surprise twist. One that I did not see coming. No wonder I had always hated Luke’s parents. There was a reason for their controlling and over protective attitude. A reason that shocked and rocked their whole world.

CM Doporto’s writing improved through the years. I witnessed how she improved into a better writer that she is today. She knows how to make her readers squirm with delight, sigh with moaning frustrations and smile with tears in their eyes.

My Lucky Catch is a standalone novel, but like what Doporto says, it is highly recommended you read the entire series, to get the best of both Delaney’s and Luke’s world.

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