Review: The Goodbye Ride by Lily Malone

tgrThe Goodbye Ride
by Lily Malone

officialsynopOlivia Murphy is a woman on a mission. The Ducati motorbike that once belonged to her brother has come up for re-sale. Liv wants to buy the precious bike, and she needs the ink dry on the paperwork before the approaching long weekend, when tourists with fat wallets will descend on her hometown of Hahndorf.

Only one person stands in her way; and she’s just tripped and fallen at his feet…

Owen Carson likes rare and beautiful things and he has the Ducati in his sights. Then Liv literally falls into his path, and he finds his heart captured by beauty of a very different kind.

How far will Liv go to make the motorbike hers? Can a viticulturalist fall for a man who prefers beer? And will a long weekend among the grape vines be long enough for Owen to convince Liv he’s interested in more than just a holiday fling?


Olivia only wanted to buy back his brother’s Ducati motorbike to say a proper goodbye to him. The day she was able to shelve enough money to get the bike, was the day she fell on Owen Carson’s feet and lost the bike to him.

Astounded by Liv’s carefree and wild attitude, Owen offered to sell back the bike at a lower price, if she could help him prune his Aunt’s grape vines. There’s something about her that mystified him, that only the cold wind of Antarctica could defrost. Shocked by the turn of events, Liv decided to take the offer and take the chance. Only for the winter. But what if something else evolved and grew, would she able to take it if he leave her after their winter tryst? For a man she knew nothing of, could Owen Carson be trusted once and for all?

This was indeed beautifully written, romantically set and boosted with funny characters. He worked in the cold Antarctica but Owen decided to go back to Adelaide Hills. His timing couldn’t be more perfect for Olivia, who was on her farewell tribute to her late brother, Luke. A gay brother who died with a broken heart after his own father disowned him. This last trip with his Ducati was her only thread to their past, but it seemed like fate wasn’t agreeing with her.

I cried for Luke for the unfairness and discrimination he suffered when he was alive. I cried for Olivia for her family’s misery. I cried for Owen for his past, for his grandfather who died in the hands of reckless people.

But I also laughed at Liv’s blithe and nonchalant attitude, for loving her brother unconditionally and for all her memories with Owen, in the rain and in the grape vine. I laughed at Owen’s aunt and cousin who were something else, comical and amusing and always got the perfect timing.

This is a story of tears, love, hatred, acceptance, freedom and goodbyes. A story that features the beautiful southern side of Australia. A story that’s recommended to those who have loved and lost, and were glad to have loved at all.


My Rating: 




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