Review: Breakaway by Ali Parker



Breakaway (Pro-U #1)
by Ali Parker

officialsynopLucas White is captain of the hockey team, and well deserving of the position. He’s hard-hitting, rough and puts up with very little. He’s kept to himself throughout his years at Providence University, but it’s time to train the next man up in line for his position. His second on the Hockey team has a twin sister that catches everyone’s eye and leaves most of the guys acting like idiots, but Lucas isn’t interested. Girls are too needy, too catty and a pain in butt. Plain and simple.

Aubrey Moore’s had her eye on the captain of the hockey team for the last few years since her brother, Jayce joined the team. He’s known for being a complete jerk, but Aubrey’s had the pleasure of seeing around the edges of his personality and wants to know him more. Now she just has to figure out how to help him breakaway from being so jaded and join her in the best adventure anyone could embark on -love.


They suppressed their feelings for three long years. Now on his last few months in college, Lucas White, the rising hockey star couldn’t hide it anymore. Either he’d pursue his bestfriend’s curvaceous sister, Aubrey, and forget about The Caps trading him. Or make his father happy and go to Washington to live his brother’s dream for him.

Dancing diva Aubrey’s got the rhythm and the stance, but her dance teacher McCraven was harsh with her, always pointing out her big arms and legs and heavy bossom. Heck, even her dance cronies bullied her and called her a hooker because she’s the Ice Queen. The leader of the hockey team’s bevy of girls. Not a great reputation, that’s for sure.

They’d been keeping tabs of each other for the past three years. Now is the time to take it up a notch. To be or not to be, that is the question.

After reading this book, my first thought was, can I have Lucas for myself please? Damn, he’s so hot and mighty and loyal, a good son and a great hockey captain, everything a girl wishes for. Sure, he’s got all me panties twisted (oh yeah!) and can’t help but think, is there another Lucas White in the universe? Because for sure, I won’t let him go.

Aubrey’s something, too. I love her relationship with her twin, Jayce and her friendship with Layla and the rest of the ice queens. She’s not the stereotyped kind if woman who goes around sneaking up with every hockey player in Providence. She’s loyal and caring and one-man woman who loves and respects her twin brother so much. (Although her mom is another story).


For the nth time, Ali Parker impressed me with her storytelling skills. I wonder how big her brain is, she can whip up a different story every day and you can’t help but be dazzled and transfixed. Ali continues to write great new adult stories that make my head flip, eyes dance, mouth quiver and stomach churn with delight.

Breakaway was fun and exciting and very easy to read. Lots of quirky moments and unprecented conversations, not overly dramatic like other new adult stories I’ve perused. Plus the fact that I’ve always loved sports romances is a big plus. To date, this is my most favorite from Ali Parker’s books.

Ali girl, you nailed it again!

my rating:




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