Review: Hearts in Florence by A.M. Willard

hifHearts in Florence
by A.M. Willard

officialsynopRaven Bloomberg finds herself stuck in Florence, Italy during a holiday weekend. One meant for lovers, not lonely art gallery assistants sharing the last hotel room with a dark and mysterious stranger.

She decides to loosen up and enjoy what the city has to offer. The only problem is; she may be enjoying herself a little too much.

Pierce Ashton’s eyes are set on Raven Bloomberg, the sexy yet reserved blonde that pushes him to limits he never expected.
Will their thirst be enough to continue the love affair once back in the states?

Will these two souls go back to living life as they did before, or embrace the passion ignited in the opulent streets of Florence.

Find out now in author A.M. Willard’s contemporary romance novella, Hearts in Florence, which is best enjoyed with an Italian Merlot.

officialreviewA sweet story about two complete strangers, vying for the same painting and thrown into the same room due to occupancy issues. Raven Bloomberg had trust issues and had no time for love. When she met Pierce Ashton in Florence, Italy, she decided to stop and smell the roses. Loosening up, she realized Pierce was a good man, so she took the gamble and spent the whole weekend with him.

Pierce, on the other hand, couldn’t believe his luck. He had fallen hard for Raven and was afraid this would only just result to short-time fling.

Would they risk both their hearts or forget everything since they’d no longer see each other again?

Hearts in Florence is an enjoyable short read. The story was catching, the pacing was steady and the characters were equally hot and brooding. I wished this was longer though. I think I could see a lot more issues that could revolve around Raven and Pierce. Maybe there’s a new book on the horizon for them?

What I loved more is the beautiful sights of Florence, Italy, as depicted and described all throughout the book. Makes me want to take that next flight to bellissimmo Italia, and find my own Pierce. No wonder the strangers turned to lovers in a matter of days.. Hmmm..

A.M Willard wrote a novel that can happen in real life. That’s why the story was relatable and hits right on the spot. Hoping to read more of these kind of love stories soon!

My Rating: 




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