Amy Best’s Jungle Juniors Stories

Here’s more of Amy Best’s Jungle Juniors stories that my kids surely love!


Geoff the Giraffe and his best friend Monica the Monkey are out taking a walk and minding their own business one day when Geoff comes across a mysterious egg! He and Monica quickly realize that the egg must have been left behind by its mother, so they decide to hatch it themselves.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Geoff and Monica are able to reach their goal. But what’s inside the egg? It’s anybody’s guess!

officialreviewGeoff The Giraffe and Monica the monkey found an egg one day and both were curious about it. Monica thought of all the possible animals to which the egg belonged to. Their jungle friends helped make sure that the egg was in the right place under the right condition/weather. Soon they discovered what was inside the egg and all the jungle juniors were proud and happy about it.

My youngest son had so much fun looking at the animal illustrations in the book. Geoff the Giraffe and Ella the Elephant were adorable, because that;s what he repeatedly pointed in the book. We loved the story too, it kept us guessing what kind of animal was inside the egg. We never guessed it right, so it was really a surprise in the end. Amy Best tells the best animal stories!


bbstBelinda Bear lives in the forest with all of her animal friends. Everyone is excited — there’s going to be a talent show at the town hall, and all the animals are invited to participate.

But Belinda seems to be the only one who doesn’t have any special ability! Will she discover her special talent in time for the talent show?

officialreviewBelinda Bear and her friends learned of the news about an upcoming talent show in the area. It looked like all her friends got talent – singing, dancing, trapeze. Except her. Belinda asked for her friends’ help so she could hone her talent, too. But she failed in her undertaking. Until the night of the talent show, when she received the biggest surprise of her life.

I loved how the story started and progressed. My youngest son especially liked the illustrations and how Belinda strived to show her talent and help her friends along the way. I must admit though, I did not see that ending coming. I was actually thinking of her other talent base on the food she catered to her friends, but when she got this special surprise, I was amazed! Amy Best sure knows how to tickle her readers’ bones!


llpsLucas the Lion and his friend, Ryan the Rabbit, stumble onto a mysterious boat. Ryan wants to take it for a ride, but the apprehensive Lucas refuses. Lucas has never told anyone his secret. Even though he knows how to swim, Lucas is afraid of the water.

When Ryan decides to throw a birthday party on the very same boat, Lucas can’t overcome his fear, no matter how hard he tries. Trouble strikes and Lucas is the only one able to save the day. Will he be able to defeat his fear in order to save his friends?

officialreviewLucas the Lion & the Pirate Ship tells about the fierce lion Lucas who seems to be afraid of something. You’d think this king of the jungle has no fears. But readers are in for a treat as Lucas does the unthinkable after seeing his friends in danger.

My youngest listener, Kurt always loves hearing stories about animals, especially lions. He thought lions are brave and he chuckled when he learned about Lucas’ fear. Then I told my baby that he gets scared of the dark, so he and Lucas can call it quits. Haha.

This is another beautifully told story that warms our hearts and tells us to conquer our fears. Highly recommended to kids and parents alike!

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