Review: CRUSHED by Layne Gray


by Layne Gray

officialsynopAfter a decade of dialing it in on her marriage – subsisting on school fundraisers and designer trunk shows, Grace, on a whim, surprises her husband at the airport, picking him up in nothing more than scant lingerie and a fur coat. But that backfires spectacularly. Hoping to help, Grace’s best friend tells her of a secret spa for discarded wives—Finedale, where Grace may just be able to get back her confidence, build her self-esteem, learn a rewarding career, or even rediscover that hot sex needn’t be a thing of the past.

Before long, Grace is in the process of rebuilding her life. Everything seems to be going brilliantly, all things considered, but as cracks begin to appear it becomes apparent that there could be another, darker, truth behind Finedale.

officialreviewGrace was supposed to surprise her husband in the airport, wearing a fur coat and a sexy lingerie underneath. But she was the one shocked when she witnessed her hubby’s infidelity. Yep, right in front of her face. Things like this made Grace ponder about her marriage and her friend suggested retreat to collect her thoughts.

And so, Finedale happened. And there were so much more.

Intrigues, scandals, bitter exes, demanding wives, controlling husbands and lies abound Finedale, and Grace was caught in this cacophony of deafening alarms. Thanks to her new friends, they were able to discover the truth about this rehab for divorcees, and Grace had finally learned how to deal with her husband, once and for all.

This was a charming read! Grace wasn’t the kind of woman I expected her to be. I thought she would crumble and fall when her marriage was on the rocks. But she surprised me with her wit, innocence and attitude. The charming ladies of Finedale were a hoot! I had a grand time laughing at their expense (sorry, they were just really adorable, I couldn’t help but laugh with them.

What I loved the most is the San Francisco setting. I have always wanted to go there, visit my relatives and walk among the grape fields of Napa Valley and San Fo. Thanks Layne Gray for a wonderful story and beautiful scenery!




Layne Gray is an author, entrepreneur and experienced marketing strategist. Layne’s background is in technology marketing and she has worked for large companies, including as Director of UNIX Product Line Marketing at Oracle Corporation and Director of UNIX Application Marketing at Altos Computer Systems. She was the founder of LKE Productions, a global technology conference production company that ramped to over $20M in annual revenues.

Layne is a seasoned charitable fundraiser who has helped raise millions of dollars for local and national charities through events she has chaired and campaigns she has spearheaded. Bay Area beneficiaries have included the San Francisco Ballet, Junior League of San Francisco, San Francisco Zoological Society. National organizations include buildOn, UN Foundation Girl Up and Mocha Moms.

Born and raised in Oregon, Layne received a B.A. in Marketing and Statistics from the University of Oregon. She has taken the WSET Level 3 Certification and teaches wine classes around the country. Layne is an Emeritus Board member of the San Francisco Zoological Society and a sustaining member of the Junior League of San Francisco and the San Ballet Auxiliary. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys cycling, snow skiing and walking her dogs at Crissy Field.

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