Review: Happily Never After by Bess George


Happily Never After
by Bess George

officialsynopAfter being shot in a brutal attack outside her office, no-nonsense Assistant District Attorney Kelsey Brackston suffers from PTSD, panic attacks that won’t allow her return to work. In need of a fresh start, she heads to California to accept a job from her brother. All seems to be going well until the past comes hunting. Someone wants to kill her—again.

Former SWAT officer Bode Taggert doesn’t want to feel anything for anyone after a split-second decision caused the death of an innocent woman and nearly ruined his life. He’s pulled himself out of the bottle and has one last chance to be a cop again—the only thing he’s ever wanted. When Kelsey asks for his help hunting down a stalker, he resists, knowing the sizzling attraction he feels for her could jeopardize his focus.

Kelsey’s determination to put the past behind her and move on with her life is the one thing that he can’t resist, and despite his intention to remain uninvolved, Bode falls for the sexy lawyer. While he and the police are focused on catching the stalker, however, Kelsey vanishes. With his career—and his heart—on the line, Bode will stop at nothing to find her. But will their newfound faith in each other be enough to save the day? Or will the demons from their pasts destroy them both?


Assistant District Attorney Kelsey Brackston had been shot in her chest. And she was never the same again. Wherever she went, whatever she did, she felt like someone was following her, lurking in the shadows, distressing her, causing her to panic. When she decided to visit her foster brother David in California, she met someone who could protect her, pacify her. Bode Taggert was a cop, and he knew what he needed to do to make sure Kelsey was safe.

Until someone from the past threatened their lives to make them pay.

Happily Never After, on the contrary, does have a happy ending. But the journey to get there wasn’t happy at all. I liked how Bess George kept me glued to my seat while Bode and Kelsey interacted like tiptoeing flamingos. I thought they suited each other, Bode being the gentle giant and Kelsey the silent lamb.

There is passion, there is heat, there is drama, and there’s action. Just some of the ingredients I want in a clean romance novel, and Bess George was able to pull it off. Kudos!


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