Review: Hopper and Friends

HF1Hopper and Friends (Hopper & Friends Book 1)
by Amy Best (author), Michael Harris (Illustrator)

officialsynopHopper Bunny is moving into a new home in the forest to be closer to Grandma Bunny, but starting over can be a little scary. He is afraid that the other animals will not like him.

Will Hopper be able to make some new friends with Grandma Bunny’s help?

officialreviewHopper has just moved into a different part of the forest and is kind of worried that he may not find new friends. He’s been happy to see his grandma, but as a young rabbit, of course he needs to interact with other people too. Good thing Grandma makes sure Hopper feels at home and gets to meet new friends.

I read this book to my 4-year old (who recently had been going crazy over Disney’s Lion Guard) so when I told him we’re gonna read about forest animals, he couldn’t contain his excitement. My boy instantly liked Hopper and his new found friends! He even gushed about the colorful illustrations (especially the pastries, ahem!)

Amy Best sure knows how to make kids happy. I’m glad I read this book that brought a smile to my kid’s face. We’ll be reading more about Hopper and Friends real soon!


HF0Hopper and the Rollercoaster (Hopper & Friends Special Edition)

by Amy Best, Michael Harris (Illustrator)

Hopper Bunny is excited when he learns about the new amusement park being built in the forest where he lives. But his excitement quickly fades when he finds out about the enormous rollercoaster it will have.

How can Hopper keep his friends from finding out how terrified he is about the new rollercoaster… especially now that Shannon Squirrel is having her birthday party at the amusement park?

officialreviewBook 2, here we go!

I love this special story edition of Hopper and Friends. This time, Hopper was invited to a birthday party happening at the newly opened amusement park. Little did his friends knew that Hopper had a terrible fear of rollercoasters and he had been dodging every opportunity of riding it.

This story teaches children to face their fears and be in control of those things that terrify them. Hopper was able to set a great example after conquering the one that frightened him the most. I read this to my middle son who’s got extreme fear of the dark. Hopper made him realized that it’s okay to tell us about his fear and have thought of ways to make himself sleep with lights off by sticking some glow-in-the-dark stars at his room’s ceiling. I’m so glad Hopper and Amy Best wrote this story to help other kids along!

My Rating: 





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